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London Screenings returns in 2022 as In-Person event

London Screenings returns in 2022 as In-Person event

The international TV distributors are finally joining together again to bring back their annual screenings event, where they'll peddle their latest content offerings.

Five top companies All3Media International, Banijay Rights, Entertainment One, Fremantle and ITV Studios are working together to put on the event, which will run from Feb. 28 to March 4.

The London Screenings formed from the drive from distributors to show their own showcase events in the U.K. The UK based major studio Showcase was created for the UK's largest production of the major BBC Studios Show Showshow, where all the new BBC shows are presented to global buyers.

In 2020, the latter distributors officially made their week of events public with a London Screenings label, although the pandemic forced the undertaking to go virtual.

London Screenings will be in person this year, but BBC Studios confirmed earlier this month that its own showcase will again be virtual. The fact that London screenings can be used as a live event without the draw of the BBC is proving the growing importance of independent TV distributors. These companies have bought many of their top global production companies to strengthen their content pipelines, and have taken on countless successful efforts to support their projects.

We can work together to curate quality shows and avoid in-person screening conflicts to showcase all the latest scripted, non-scriptes and formats programs.

We very much expect more distributors to join too and look forward to coming together to present the very best these distributor's have to offer at a number of venues, in the heart of the capital, and to broader digital audience. Weve no doubt this evolving London TV Screenings week will provide an unforgettable experience for buyers across the globe.

The London Screenings schedule hasn't yet been set yet: The upcoming London screenings: the London show has the opening date.

All3Media International March 4 AM Fremantle 3 AM March 2 AM, Banijay Rights March 2, 2 PM, ITV Studios March 3 PM Entertainment One March 3, 3PM, All 3Media Internal March 4, 4 PM - Fremdle.