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Next was Nicolas Maury, who starred in Directorial Debut and What's Next

Next was Nicolas Maury, who starred in Directorial Debut and What's Next

Nicolas Maury hadn't quite grasped the international success of the Paris-set show until he traveled to Los Angeles last week to present his feature-directorial debut Garcon Chiffon (My Best Part) at Colcoa, the French film and series festival.

Maury is as exuberant as Herve, who is on Netflix and available on France TVs, in real life. He has worked as a model and dresses to the nines in Chanel, Prada and Lanvin outfits.

Maury says that he was a very rare gay actor, so that while redefining the role of sex in the French television show, thou frightened him, I did not hid anything, nor did I receive an award, because when young people in this country say that seeing Herve changed his view as regarded as an independent gay man, that makes me terribly sad, says the 40-year-old actor.

The show is full of open-minded people and is a very interesting one, says Maury, adding that being gay doesn't preclude him from playing straight characters like Steve Jobs in re-enactment of the recent plays of Robert Cantarella and Alban Lefranc.

A thirty-something struggling actor with heartache travels to the city where his mother (Nathalie Baye) comforts him and tries to think about life with a vision of life. As well as Arnaud Valois and Calamy (Call My Agent) star, his directorial debut was warmly received in Cannes, where it was part of the official selection of Cannes 2020, which was also re-interviewed in the US.

Maury said that the idea for the film came to him when he saw a love relationship that triggered anxiety and screamed jealousy.

My Best Part is a recollection of the era of ecstasy, where everyone is very open, but even the coolest people are struggling with this concept. This reminds me of what [the French philosopher] Roland Barthes called the attempts of relaxation in the 1970s.

The personal movie revolves around a mother and son relationship. In hysterical films, the mother is either reactionary or hyphen, and in the My Best Part I tried to portray if he spoke as sex and tell his son.

"At the time when I went to the theatre, I worked with Baye, a "tremendous actor" who was very meticulous and committed to theater. "We would all be in the same position and read the whole screenplay, and discuss, that was important to me," said Maury.

Maury is re-teaming with his My Best Part producer Charles Gillibert on his sophomore outing, which he describes as a time-travelling romance with ages of different age, who recieve their past loves. Mauy says showcasing the film, as well as the films - and also directing, will be based on the first two feature of this film.

Since the series is about to start next year, many stars have been able to write a script for upcoming movie, and Maury says that the dedicated spinoff film is now at script stage and will have more international scope than the film itself.

Maury says the new showrunner called him and the other leading actors of the series to discuss. I thought it was very elegant of him to call us individually to tell us what he thought about the storyline for each character and ask us about our desires. It was super interesting.

Unlike the original script, it will be like a return to school. But, like to come back home to college.