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YouTube Starts Hiding Dislike Counts to Curb Creator Harassment

YouTube Starts Hiding Dislike Counts to Curb Creator Harassment

YouTube is still promoting its long-standing dislike feature.

YouTube said that after Wednesday (Nov. 10), it will start hiding public dislike counts. The change will gradually roll out across the whole platform.

The dislike button is still going to remain: YouTube viewers can still dislike videos, which influence YouTubes recommendation algorithm and provide a way to privately share feedback with creators, according to the Google-owned video giant. But creator can see their exact dislike counts in YouTube Studio if they want to understand how their content is performing, YouTube said in tainted blog post.

The 2018 YouTube Rewind set the record for most dislikes of any video in its history, sparked by users who felt the annual look-back compilation dubbed homegrown creators for mainstream celebs like Will Smith, Trevor Noah and Marshmello. It still holds the title as the most-disliked YouTube video (with more than 19 million thumbs-downs), followed by Pinkfongs Baby Shark Dance (more than 14 million dislike) in the soon-to-be-def

Using a small-scale study conducted starting in March 2021, YouTube decided to stop showing public dislike totals. The results show he decreased dislike-attacking behavior for videos with hidden dislike counts, compared to YouTube causing disproportionately small creators to lose consciousness.

I think it is the right thing to do for the platform. During the experiment, YouTube also received feedback from others who said they rely on public dislike counts to help decide whether to watch a video or not. We know that you may not agree with this decision, but we believe that this is not the case for that platform, YouTube said.