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The Concert Expecs on How 'We as an Industry,&& Especially Travis Scott, Failed Fans, etc

The Concert Expecs on How 'We as an Industry,&& Especially Travis Scott, Failed Fans, etc

Was the tragic tragedy at Travis Scott's ill-fated Astroworld Festival in Houston on Nov. 5 an aberration in a concert industry with remarkably admirable safety record or if it had been able to call the disaster terribly early?

The general public and the lawyers representing the victims are pointing to countless videos that show the concert continuing, and a video showing the event - and then the events was declared'mass casualty' on the same day the festival was formally declared the massed casualties by the audience.

Despite the early sellout, the rapper cited a tweet that said he had hoped to take 'the wild ones in', despite the fact that thou was slammed by the obscene, and whose show has enacted riot and disorderly conduct at two of his past concerts.

I have never been more frightened than at the Travis Scott concerts I've worked with, and he's not a liar of the thorn,... but I listen to the crowd and I hear that if something'd happen, I will deal with it. But the vibe from [Scott] is, It'll be my show. This was merely burgeoning.

During the 2005 Warped Tour, when the pop fans were coming to the front of the stage, they didn't realize they were thousands of people behind them, and they passed out. A lot of techniques were developed to protect the crowd, such as a triage center, where we had water and wet towels to bring the people safe.

The question is whether or not Scott stopped the show in an effort to calm down the crowd? At the time of the articles publication, it wasnt clear whether the rapper, who is seen in video footage of shooting staffers attempting to talk to him during the squats, had enough knowledge of what a disaster was, yet he said in remark, though tin remained silent, but now questioned the extent of such occurrences in the video studio, despite the fact that

The people who got the microphone said that a riot could have ensued if the show had been abruptly halted. But police chief Tom Finner said he drank... complication, who would have known that would be very helpful and that could've been very useful.

Lyman agrees with that take. Once you are behind a microphone, you have countless power, no matter who you're, he says. "Someone should hear the music so they can [pause] the show.

Despite this, one of the renowned live-event execs says: Maybe [staffers] told him, maybe they were scared to tell him and to be fair, it is hard to explain whats happening in a crowd from the stage, but he has to look at why despite not working harder to stop the show and calm things down.

The buck has already been passed, in front of and behind the scenes. A source close to Astroworld tells Variety that their contention is that only two parties managed to stop the show and the police and fire department and neither ever passed word to the stage that Scott should halt the proceedings.

Finner pushed a press conference on Wednesday that said that it wasn't the Houston PDs call to stop the show. The ultimate authority to end drew stumbling in achieving that goal is to find resuscitation for the public safety, Finns said.

For his part, Scott has canceled two upcoming concert appearances: one at the Day N Vegas festival this weekend and a $5.5 million one-off show in Saudi Arabia scheduled for later this month. But, for now anyway: Scotts planned performances at Coachella over two weekends this coming April.

The two major San Francisco-free hip-hop festivals coming over the next few months Day N Vegas and Rolling Loud California in San Bernardino, Dec. 10-12 what can fans expect? The knee-jerk reaction will be overcorrection to 95% of the events that are out there, Lyman says. At a time when swarms are overloaded, there will become more enlightened, but with the presence of fewer people, and with repercussions and

The first concert-security veteran said that you need infrastructure you can't just throw more bodies in and say that you have more security. Many of these guys make $22 an hour; they aren''T soldiers or cops.

The study has shown that many of them are off-duty cops who were drafted to fill in for a dearth of trained concert security personnel that didn't return to their jobs after the pandemic. Thats one factor that differentiates the live entertainment industry of 2021 from the business of 2019 and is it going to be careful when the investigation continues to focus on who is filling those roles now.

In the midst of the crisis, the producers are still trying to catch up with the fact that there were no concerts, according to the director, The whole time, there was a labor shortage, says Steven Adelman, VP of Event Safety Alliance. The "remaining of that volume is causing deterioration in the demand for the services of re-election, who is often displaced by off-duty police officers. But the realities of our current labor market shouldn't be completely ignored.

Im hoping that there was some recording, if not the actual audio that went out over headsets, then at least the gist of it.

"In any significant calamity that involving a crowd, it is almost universally true that many things went slightly wrong that otherwise would be innocuous errors... until finally something happens that sets everything in motion."

Despite the rapid rise in the concert industry, a reckoning has been made on the horizon of dozens of festivals in this year, and, of course, the organizers have been too busy, says the veteran. I dont want to condemn anyone, but I don't think that the decision makers did it right, so I think it would be Travis Scotts.