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I'm Martin Andrew, Actor, Musician and Rod Stewart Impersonator (EXCLUSIVE)

I'm Martin Andrew, Actor, Musician and Rod Stewart Impersonator (EXCLUSIVE)

The show's new butler is Martin Andrew, actor, musician, author and celebrity impersonator.

As a butler, Andrew will serve as he and re-host of the new book "Joe Millionaire: For Rich or Poorer" and guide contestants. The original 2003 book, "The Millionaires" featured both saffron (Australian Paul Hogan, but not the Crocodile Dundee actor) and an author (Alex McLeol). In this new version, both roles are taken by Andrew.

I felt like this guy was a part of the show. I honestly fell in love with him, said executive producer SallyAnn Salsano. It was the right fit. I was really glad that he was great. It was definitely more integrated than the 2003 version.

The original Joe Millionaire ended its run with a finale that attracted nearly 40 million viewers, the highest-rated and most-watched unscripteded entertainment series telecast of the past two decades. The second installment was shelved, but in this new version, 20 women will date two single men, and one of whom is rich and the other one isnt, but women have no idea whos the real jue millionaire, and who's just the average

This new iteration premieres in January. Fox Alternative Entertainment and 495 Productions SallyAnn Salsano are behind this new Iterator.

Salsano said she was excited to see Andrew play up the outlandish elements of the show: It's 2021. You're coming on a reality dating show, and you know stuff will be obnoxious. And he owns it.

I have to say, I think that my daughter is a slut of the woman on the show, and I think it didn't happen in the original.

From 2016 to 2020, Andrew has performed as a rod Stewart tribute artist since 2004 and began with an offer to perform in Las Vegas, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and soon traveled to the venues and casinos throughout the United States and around the world. From 2014 to 2014, he toured the USA, the Mexican Republic and Mexico with tribute artists Samira, to play the show Reunited, featuring the music of Rod Stewart and Tina Turner.

Andrew has also appeared in the Canadian series Blackstone and the 2013 psychological thriller Forbidden Playground. He has appeared also in Domino, White Coats and Middle Men. In 2008, he published a memoir, Nobody Said It Was Easy, chronicling his life, struggles and successes as toured musician.

Here's a look at Andrew performing as Rod Stewart.