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MGM Courted Jake Gyllenhaal, Doug Liman for 'Road House" Remake

MGM Courted Jake Gyllenhaal, Doug Liman for 'Road House

MGM is speeding up its remake of the Road House, with Jake Gyllenhaal in talks with the star and director Doug Liman circling the project.

Despite the fact that a production start date hasn't been set yet, MGM higher-ups reportedly see the project as if the studio is pursuing securing c/o agreements with Gyllenhaal or Liman yet.

If both Gyllenhaal and Liman sign on, the remake of Road House would mark the first collaboration between the actor and director. The pair already have busy schedules, with Gylenaal set to begin shooting the Afghanistan War thriller The Interpreter and Lieman gearing up for production on Everest.

In 1989, the original "Road House" starred Patrick Swayze as James Dalton, a corrupt businessman who manages the small town's finances. This film earned the ire of the corrupt waltz-tied businessmen. The film has also earned an estimated $30 million in business and earned resemblance to the popular cult classic "The Golden Age".

Those two MGM execs were meeting to discuss the project with a new draft. In the meantime, it remains unclear whether Gyllenhaal will take on Dalton in the Road House remake or if the film will be interpreted differently than the 1989 original.

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