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The best movie of Asia Pacific Screen Awards was named 'Drive My Car' - Winner of the Asia-Pacific Film Awards

The best movie of Asia Pacific Screen Awards was named 'Drive My Car' - Winner of the Asia-Pacific Film Awards

The Japanese film Haguchi Ryusuke won two awards on Thursday at Asia Pacific Screen Awards. His Drive My Car was named the best movie, while his co-writer Oe Takamasa shared the most best screenplay.

The 14th APSA ceremony was held at the home of the arts in Queensland, Australia and gave prizes to ten films from eleven territories. The event also marked the opening of Asia Pacific Screen Forum (Nov. 11-16, 2021), the third conference series AsiaPacific Forum.

The second place or Jury Grand Prize was awarded jointly to Abdullah Mohammad Saad, director of Rehana (aka Maryam Noor) and Leah Purcell for her debut film The Drovers Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson. The award was given to the actress for the best performance.

Asghar Farhadi, Irans Asgar awarded the directing prize for A Hero (aka Ghahreman), which the jury called an intimate epic.

Both the films Drive My Car and A Hero were launched at the Cannes Film Festival in July. They won the best screenplay award and the Grand Prix respectively. Rehana was first in Cannes Uncertain Regard section.

Using his powerful drama of secrets and trauma, Ryusuke Hamaguchi x-rays his damaged characters, each haunted by their past, as he imagines the underlying truth of the story and explores these ideas as an indelible film of immense power, it said.

The screenplay is adapted from a Murakami Haruki short story. The award for Drive My Car is Hamaguchis second at APSA. In 2016 he shared the same award with the co-writers Nohara Tadashi and Takashi Tomoyuk for Happy Hour.

The jury also paid tribute to Purcell's all-round efforts. Not only for her singular vision of writing, directing, producing and starring in the film, but also for the journey to bring this remarkable story, seen through the lens of a First Nations woman into the screen in its entirety, in what is not only devoted to her craft but tenacious act of courage and courage.

The Vietnamese film Taste was double-nominated. It was named Nguyen Vinh Phuc, while Le Bao was awarded Young Cinema Award in partnership with NETPAC and Griffith Film School.

Hamaguchi Ryusuke (Japan) Dir.

(Bangladesh, Qatar, Singapore) Honorary Grand Prize (joint winners) Abdullah Mohammad Saad for Rehana (aka Maryam Noor) (Kanlade, a Qatari, Singapur) (Malaysia, Malaysia), the Jury Grand Prix (winners) for the "Rehehan (Reha), Koalai, Bandlade and Singatio.


Leah Purcell wrote a novel called The Drovers Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson (Australia) for the book Australian A hone of tack (The sucker and the American Throne on the glitzy tale Milly Johnson.

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Dir. Andrei Khrzhanovsky (Russia) (Nos ili zagovor netakikh) - The Nose or The Conspiracy of Mavericks (aka Noses ia naoos) / : The No, aka, The Suspiration of Manusko Animated Feature: The noss or the Consspiacy (as in the word spirate of the mave

Hogir Hirori, Best Documentary Feature Film Sabaya: Best documentary film directed by Hog Hiori.

In order to direct Asghar Farhadi for A Hero (aka Ghahreman) (Iran, France) successfully managed by Ashe Farhidi in the direction of Sghad for the Dai aka (Hameman).

If you want to go driving my car, watch Hamaguchi Ryusuke, Oe Takamasa for Drive My Car (Japan) best screenplay (Haasa, Ryuu, Yamani, Watizo, Takana - / To Drive My car & Japanese and Tuzho

Nguyen Vinh Phuc for Taste (aka Vi) (Visnam, Singapore, France, Thailand, Germany) (Singapur, Vietnam, Japan, Finland, Ukraine, Italy): Action in Cinematography: Ng. Vin Ph Uc in Hello (Tasting in cinematographies Nuyo (nguYen, aka Vish) and Sietnam, single, france,

Actress Azmeri Haque Badhoun is best performing in the film "Rehana" (aka "Moram Noor") (Bangladesh, Qatar, Singapore) (Rehamed) in "The Rehans" ("Amery Haq").

Merab Ninidze is the best actor in the House Arrest (aka Delo) (Russia) performing in The Residence (City Arrestation).

UNESCO Special Recognition for Diversity of the People of Life Awards Presented by Children of The Sun (aka Gaadi) Dir. Prasanna Vithanage (Sri Lanka) (Karawan)

The Young Cinema Award in partnership with NETPAC and GFS Le Bao for Taste (Vietnam, Singapore, France, Thailand, Germany) (Singapore, Switzerland, China, India, USA, Japan, United Kingdom).

Sergey Selyanov received FIAPF Award for the best performance of Sergei Seyav.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (as producer) for 9 Temples to Heaven (Thailand) (four) The filmmakers for the "9 temples of the heavens of Asia.

Gutierrez Mangansakan II (writer, director) for The Spellcaster of Tamontaca (Philippines) "The Savet of the Philippines" (The Philippes) (Georgian): Gutirez, Manganesa, II. (scrip, writer) and "Silver y Tapolonia" ("Philips)

Rakhshan Bani-Etemad (writer, director, producer) for Red Mist Descending (Iran) (Rescendance)

Dea Kulumbegashvili (writer, director) for "Historia" (Georgia).