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Jack White will release two new albums in 2022: 'Fear of the Dawn&&; and '#239''Entering Heaven Alive";

Jack White will release two new albums in 2022: 'Fear of the Dawn&&; and '#239''Entering Heaven Alive

The release of two new albums is expected for the first time in four years. Fear of the Dawn will arrive on April 8 and Entering Heaven Alive comes on July 22.

White has also unveiled his latest song, Take Me Back, which you can see here.

The album album details, however, were not surprising, although the titles and cover artwork are certainly glooming and reflect a theme of mortality.

The new version of Fear of the Dawn includes a midnight blue vinyl, astronomical blue, and swiss free vinyl at the Vault Novelties store, an emerald white, or naive blue LP, followed by an 11x11 screen printed poster and the Third Man Records compilation CD at Rough Trade Records. The details on digital pre-orders are being announced at upcoming dates.

Todays announcement comes as a preview of the official music video Take Me Back, directed by Jack White III and co-directed by Lauren Dunn (Megan Thee Stallion, Kali Uchis). Watch the video below.

Almost four years after White's explosive appearance on Saturday Night Live last year, fans have been thirsting for a return to his stripped-down sound of his early career. Taking Me Back, the first solo album in nearly four decades, combines the more experimental Boarding House Reach with the skronking guitar effect of the other Daddy album.

The rocker was actually covering Blind Willie Johnsons 1920s song Jesus Is Coming Soon with numerous references to the 1918 pandemic, and the White Stripes Ball and Biscuit.

In 2003, "Ball and Biscuit" - the word "Quarantine Age" "was mighty and people were sick everywhere / It was an epidemic and it traveled through the air," White sang, citing the old old remark of the American Revolution, which was attributed to the Spanish flu.

He played a short set with the band at the new Third Man Record store earlier this fall in London.