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The upcoming Marvel's future is going to be the next one for everyone

The upcoming Marvel's future is going to be the next one for everyone

This story consists of discussions about the ending of Marvel Studios Eternals, currently playing in theaters.

People always thought they would shake things up.

A saga of the film, when Chloe Zhao first met with the Marvel Studios about the possibility of directing the movie, was told in the beginning of his film project, "Eternals" was a reset button for the next decade of MCU films. Even though "Doctor Strange" has the likes of Thor and others, there are no scenes in which the lone film is ever seen.

The movie, which was redefining the origin of the MCU, was written by Zhao at the World premiere in October. From the beginning, the film told me that it was Marvels hope, you know, Zhao told Variety the day after the world premiere. From scratch, they told us that this film will explore the history of this MMU and therefore a lot of things. It will have consequences for the future of that MU.

But even when it comes to Divisive critically and less-than-stellar commercially, it's fair to say that Eternals has indeed made quite a impact for Marvel Studios if not exactly like the company intended.

The Eternals, led by Sersi, re-enter the Earth and destroy the planet. The eternal sphere, named Arishem, is a lead of the Celstial, who subsequently appeared on the earth, pulls Serisi and Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) and Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) into space, and announces that they will judge the fate of their planet by their experiences with humanity.

A giant corpse of a Celestial poking out of the Indian Ocean, suddenly zapping into orbit and then suddenly suddenly defying - the rumble of an alien creature, whose ashes were thrown from the Earth, and presumably the planet if the god squished the earth, then he wiggled away. It is unclear whether Arishems threat to destroy the land was only heard by the Eternals or the entire planet, but either way, that is the kind

But Eternals - as a film and as an urgent and critical media lightning rod poses an even more intriguing and existential question about the future of the MCU: How will its titles tell these stories?

Unlike the other filmmakers, however, the studio has sanded down its singular voices to make it more cohesive cinematic resembles the real world. It's true that other director, James Gunn and Taria Waititi, have influenced the original movie, but that is a strong rebuke for the emergence of the film industry. The film itself has developed eloquently, and yet he remained skeptical, so it wasn't surprising.

It is not a National Geographic approach, Zhao told Variety. That is merely letting you show what it is, then you immerse. It seems to be sembling he was happy with the news in April that if liarn is to talk up Eternals as re-election contender following Zhaos best picture and director win for Nomadland for the best time, the tidbit of enlightening, naive

The reaction effectively called out Marvel for doing what everyone seemed to want them to do: Give an A-list filmmaker more freedom to make an MCU movie their way.

If the company leaves the next slate, then the future slate will be rolled out. Waititis Thor: Love and Thunder (due July 2022), which just wrapped, to Peyton Reed Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which is already in production. If any fallout from Eternals will not be evident until fall of 2023, and whoever will direct the new Marvel (as yet unannounced) slate of movies will also be announced

Despite the reverberating nature of the Marvel comics, the director was unable to make a mistake and, later, was it he whose title was only used to be numberated.

We get to really play and make a standalone movie, she said in October. If you think about Jack Kirbys Eternals run, it was created very much on the periphery of these really popular characters, he was telling stories about something so much bigger by this little group of outcasts.

As a result, the multiverse, which is introduced by the recent Disney Plus series Loki and What Should I do?, has already opened up an infinite number of possible strands to explore, and will open the doors to the emergence of the Tom Hollands Peter Parker in the MCU.

Even though Jon Watts has proved a lively director of Hollands Spider-Man films, his previous output including the indie films Clown and Cop Car - had not established him as he was regarded as the defining cinematic voice. In fact, Watt is an extremely effective and highly competent craftman who goes into their movies.

Since his inception in 1962, Spider-Man lived in the heart of Marvel, so it would be wise to reason that Marvel and Sony wouldn't want to take a big, risky swing with such cherished characters.

The reboot was successful with Robert Garfield and Robert Webb, who both remained in the studio in 1977. The film was widely considered a great movie. And yet, Sony did just that with 2002's Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi. His attention and dedication to the movie, which was re-developed and mastered by the same bloat and creative anonymity, led to shaming the sequel.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - directed by Sam Raimi, as well as Chloe Zhao, it's hard to imagine why Marvel would hire Raim and not want him to do his thing. We will know soon; this movie has wrapped up and is expected to debut in May 2022.