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Movistar Plus Unveils Breathtaking Lineup of Spanish Directors for Dystopian Anthology Series Apagon

Movistar Plus Unveils Breathtaking Lineup of Spanish Directors for Dystopian Anthology Series Apagon

Movistar Plus, the streaming and broadcast arm of Spanish telco giant Telefonica, confirmed a breathtaking roster of talent that will helm its upcoming five-part anthology series "Apagon", produced by Buenda Estudios (Veneno, La Unidad).

The series, inspired by the popular El gran apagon podcast, features five stand-alone stories, all in that they are just filmed in the event of planetary disasters, such as extinction, apacon, en calamity in Spanish that will deal with the consequences that such traumatic events might have caused.

The series is a return to Movistar Plus, and the three new recruits make it one of the largest independent broadcasters in the country. "Apagon" is one the first of many slappants of upscale Spanish talent to express themselves in new and innovative ways.

The series is being rebooted by the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Rodrigo Sorogoyen, the showrunner of the 2020-best Spanish series, Riot Police, and the director of Amazon Prime Videos recent reboot of Stories to Stay Awake. Soorogall write the episode.

Ral Arevalo, an award-winning actor and director whose 2016 directorial debut, The Fury of a Patient Man was viewed at Venice, was an revelation, and won four Spanish Academy Goya Awards and dozens of awards at international festivals, will helm the second episode. Using acclaimed screenwriter Alberto Marini, the pair will join the award winning screenplayer, who won the Retribution award.

The first episode of the show will take place in December. As a screenwriter, Isa Campos is serving the role of one of 2021s best-reviewed Spanish, and San SebastianS Best Basque Film in Maixabel, 2018 San Francisco Glden Shell winner Between Two Waters and her Spanish and Catalan Academy Award-winning directorial debut The Next Skin.

The two are regulars of Spain and are entrusted with the reins for the first big budget, blockbuster original series The Plague.

He is a highly successful writer who recently worked on the "San Antonio" and "La Fortuna" - and has recently developed resuscitations for the production of the new album, "The Big Two" with his long-time collaborator, Taria Lacuesta.

Shooting is scheduled to start in December, and the series will air in 2022.