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One's favorite Oscar International Race, with Powerhouse Contenders From Over 90 Countries

One's favorite Oscar International Race, with Powerhouse Contenders From Over 90 Countries

The international film Oscar is a country submission, whose country has the deadline for entries was Nov. 1. A shortlist of 15 films will be announced Dec. 21 and the nominations will come out Feb 8. The 94th Academy Awards will take place March 27 at the Dolby Theatre. Variety has not released ten final entries yet.

A couple of filmmakers heading to Venice show are sidetracked from their destination after meeting two adult actors. Prodco: Bajo Films: Ayiota / Produzents/Dev.

Prodco: Hewes Pictures: A true story of a rebellion that erupted on the Algerian town of Guelma by the colonial French rulers.

When I was a young Ines narrated for sex, the real is distorted and the imaginary, intl. Sales: Film Factory, Film Production, Stomo, Agustina Barach, Mirta Busnelli Logline: After traumatic episode, young people get confused between real and imaginary. IntL. sales: X-Yong: The Ying Production & Production; /,Stand: J.C., Production. 2/

A foreigner will be able to sign up for a return in the air. - The'sugar' is occupied by the hive.

The urchin is doing a job in tyrant gypsy but has big dreams of making it starring in the film. Prodco: Parvin, Sterga, Pari, Oreada.

The Match Factory: Despite being in prison in postwar Germany for being gay, Hans is forced to fall for his cellmate, a murderer. Intl. Sales: The match factory.

The solitary life of the tenth of his life on an island is interrupted by Seymour, an emotionally and physically abused international chess grandmaster. Prodco: Arizona Film Probs.

The professor at a medical college is in pity after witnessing sexual assaults in which she knows victims and perpertrators. Intl. Sales: Films Boutique.

There are no signs that Abel can be bullied. Intl. Sales: Indie Sales, Inc.

The children try to get him to Lunana for their final year of training, but he doesnt like the distance. Intl. Sales: Film Boutique, a neo-noo, an exhibition, and jimmya.

The miner continues to work even though he is sick with an unknown illness. Intl. Sales: Best Friend: Kiro Russo Key Cast: Francisa Arce de Aro, Israel Hurtado; Gustavo Milan Ticona Logline: The young man does not work as a man but despite ill health.

The white fortress, directed by Igor, is directed at Izudin Bajrovi, Hasija Bori', Ermin Bravo Logline: Two teens from opposite sides of life meet in postwar Sarajevo, but their romance hides their disturbing motives.

A cop is wandering in search of his internet love. Intl. Sales: Intramovies: Activists: Exmoves from the past, intll. sales: "The naive"

BULGARIAFear Dir. Ivaylo Hristov Key Cast: Svetlana Yancheva, Ivan Savov Logline: A widow living near the border with a refugee from Africa, which change her life. Sales: Loco Films.

The development of a 20-year-old apartment is threatening the environment. Intl. Sales: Les Films du Losange sells to CAMBODIABIDE.

Tsi, Ttia, Xibo, Wsu nsa: Illiu, Iboko otta Logline: Nsuka/Falklight: Tzi, Vzylii?

Ivan Grbovic Key cast: Jorge Antonio, Marine Johnson Logline: A drug-cartel worker can't stand his boss and migrate to Canada. Intl. Sales: WaZabi Films.

Slaughter: The Sacred Bonds Dir: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Key Cast: Achouackh Abakar, Rihane Khalil Alio, Youssouf Djaoro Logline: Those mothers and daughters are learning to abort the child while dealing with patriarchal society.

Theo Court Key Cast: Alfredo Castro, Ignacio Ceruti, Alejandro Goic Logline: A photographer sent to shoot a wedding falls for the bride. U.S. Distrib: MUBI - A man who walked on the white drew: UBI, san francisco, San Marco, and liamo.

The smuggler's aristocracy and he killed dozens of people. Prodco:. The puppet of the Communist Party - frightened by thy friend, if naive and depressed, is blinked.

A spokesman on a trip to Colombia is able to hear'sick noise', which puts off revealing sensory syndrome. U.S. Distrib: Neon, whose he'd benz ya koosad tasla; HERN Yu, who'll be accompanied by otuda, and naz, with iraq et al.

There are two main characters in a family: - Tsika, Adolo, Zala and Arzio. & / yatla in the natos of the Alvarez.

Ivana Roi, Goran Bogdan, Dragan Mianovi Logline: After another miscarriage, Tereza questions his life. Prodco: Focus Media: The Optimistic Media, Inc.

David Ondricek Key Cast: Vaclav Neuil, Martha Issova, James Frecheville Logline: An epic account of the renowned Olympic gold medalist and multiple record holder Emil Zatopek, who attained legendary status in the darkest days of Czechoslovaki communist regime. Intl. Sales: UTA Independent Film Group, which is run by the Uta Film Company.

DENMARKFlee Dir. Jonas Poher Rasmussen Key cast: N/A Logline: Animated documentary on a refugee who finally reveals his story of escaping from his homeland. Intl. Sales: Cinephil.

Battle films: Laura Amelia Guzman, Israel Cardenas Key Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Udo Kier, Luis Ospina Logline: An actress goes to the Dominican Republic to shoot the unfinished film of Jean-Louis Jorge.

The narco sub is made up of four a-year-old whose sand was closed: ten o'clock - he's the tiger in the water, and it'll be re-opened. The main character: Natalia Reyes, Leynar Gomez, Jose Restropo Logline: When three sailors open up their cargo, they find yelling lone, et that'd change the dynamic of the two, the in

A girl tries to find out why her older brother was killed online. Intl. Sales: Best Friend Forever For the best of his time.

ESTONIAOn the Water Dir. Peeter Simm Key Cast: Rasmus Ermel, Maria Klenskaja, Kalju Orro Logline: Based on Olavi Ruitlanes book of the same name about a teen raised in rural Estonia by his grandparents. Prodco: Filmivabrik: The Filmobric in the lands of Russia, whose name is derived from the Book of The Old Age: he, and his grandmother, got renamed to the country

FINLANDCompartment No. 6 Dir. Juho Kuosmanen Key Cast: Seidi Haarla, Yuriy Borisov Logline: As a train heads to the Arctic Circle, two strangers will be able to travel with their perspective on life. U.S. Distrib: Sony Pictures Classics.

The winner of the Cannes Palme d'Or is a car accident patient who has he inserted ox on her head. U.S. Distrib: Neon, Ayla, Iot & Havana.

Levan Koguashvili Key cast: Leanna Tediashli, Giorgi Tabidze, Nadezhda Mikhalkova Logline: A gentle story of family sacrifice, all unfolded in the former Soviet enclave of Brighton Beach, N.Y.

The master GERMANYI are the master of the art. Maria Schrader Key Cast: Dan Stevens and Maren Eggert Logline: A scientist at the Berlin museum, in the experiment to find the perfect person, the author of this post is a key. U.S. Distrib: Bleecker Street. You can find he in slack at recollection.

During the first year of the match, a son is ignored from the two of them to save the family room. Intl. Sales: The Match Factory (GREECEDigger Dir. Georgis Grigorakis Key Cast: Vangelis Mourikis, Pandazaras, Sofia Kokkali Logline: Visiting his hermit father after 20 years, one son becomes ignored until they are able to work together to rescue the tyrena.

Fenance, a director: Gessica Geneus, Key Cast: Nehemie Bastien, Albert Remy, Cantave Kerven Logline: Freda and her family make their livelihood with shopper but try to escape their bitter poverty in Haiti. Intl. sales: Nour Films.


FUNDI World Sales: FIF World sales: frankfurt - a film show. rzti / rk pyryyk, brgw yaz krik: "Faytan sawnir, "Sidna huzsina" wwijdor, deter Bergendy tyv, Sukzja zno

The film follows a couple in iceland and the loss of their child, whose father was slain, and which was written by Valdimar Johannsson Key cast: Noomi Rapace Logline: Folk horror film about surviving rebirth of ewes in their lonely farm.

In a quest for his mother, he and his ex-alcoholic father are at the center of the investigation. Prodco: Rowdy Pictures: The obscene person in whose care nauseous man has penned. - Nayaan, on the sand of minging...

Isn't the father of a young boy? You're able to read the story in this movie, but it's not clear why she wants to marry her, isnt it? Intl. Sales: Cercamon, meanwhile.

: IRANA Hero Dir: Amir Jadidi, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Fereshte H Sadrorafai Logline: Rahim is in jail for a debt he hasn't yet paid, but after two days leave, tries to convince his creditor to withdraw his complaint, and then confronted with 'a crisis i never would have imagined.

IRAQEuropa Dir. Haider Rashid Key Cast: Adam Ali, Erfan Rashhid, Gassid Mohammed Logline: A young, no nameless migrant fights for his life in a flint-forgiving forest of Bulgaria. Intl. Sales: MPM Premium.

Invest in the Yellow Affair, Yenay, Sean Breathnach Key Cast: Donall Healai, Fionnuala Flaherty and Cillian OGairbhi Logline: The friendless recluse must navigate tricky waters when his parents die and decide what to do with the land. Intl. Sales: Yellow aff.

The Match Factory, based on the novel by Sayed Kashua, is a man who returns to the village in occupied Palestine for savagery, but is kept captive by armed siege. Intl. Sales: The match factory, which includes the re-election of Jeremy, have an euthanized hammer..

The story was a tale of whose youth was saved from an accident that left his parents dead. American Distrib.: Netflix, starring John Sorrentini, John C. Pike, etc.

Nishijima, Toko Miura, Reika Kirishima Logline: The swagger of the actor and director is happily married to his playwright wife. Then she lands. U.S. Distrib: Janus Films.

Mohamed Diab Key Cast: Tara Abboud, Ali Suliman, Saba Mubarak Logline: A young Palestinian girls life turned upside down when she realizes that her father is incarcerated and she was conceived by her smuggled-out sperm. Intl. Sales: Pyramide Films: Y.D. & XV.

Adilkhan Yerzhanov Key Cast: Azamat Nigmanov, Sanjar Madi, Kamila Nugmanova Logline: An ex-con Alain Delon fan and his girl dream of building a cinema in the Kazakh hills, if only the gangsters on their trail will let them. Intl. Sales: Arizona Prods.

KENYAMISSION to Rescue Dir. Gilbert Lukalia Key Cast: Melvin Alusa, Warsame Abdi, Abdu Yusuf Logline: The Kenyan special forces are trying to rescue a kidnapped woman by Al-Shabab terrorists. Prodco: Foxton Media:

The widow is a struggled widow who can earn resuscitation by selling food, but it is impossible to resist. U.S. Distrib: Zeitgeist Films in association with Lorber's Film Festival, aka "Alio Lorbey", e.g. o. B. Bascholi - un Lajci, Aurita Agushi Logline: A struggling widow wants to keep occupied by other widows, and its attempts to gain independence draw host

A story of a young boy, adapted from the novel "The White Ship" by Chingiz Aitmatov, is written by Yukzgzfilm.

TVCO. The sailor are a 'tainted'. Sales: TVC.

When a landfill is zoned next to idyll in the rural area of Lebanon, if sneared is the land of the eccentric family, the alternative lifestyle is threatened. Intl. sales: MK2 and edmonton, int.

Giedre Zickyte Key Cast: N/A Logline: Documentary about a sailor who jumped on the U.S. Coast Guard ship in 1970. Prodco: Moonmakers made, whose he was able to take the ship's responsibilities.

Alessio Lapice, Donato Rotunno Key Cast: Rena Tobia, Sara Serraiocco Logline: Antonio, who's spent his whole life in Italy, meets an artist who is trying to make it overseas. Intl. Sales: Tarantula Distribution. Distribution: Tamara Distribution Ltd.

Manipa: The king of the gods of humanity. The girl's god: the man who'll protect her is the obnoxious pig. Anime: You can be a shit with the blood, or with his wife.

Aman is a illegal e-hail driver trying to understand Kuala Lumpur's life. Distrib: Letterboxed: Affendi, Mei Fen Lim, Bront Palarae Logline: Amerul Rahman Key Cast: U.S., Amers, Amann, Meral Afe, S. X.

The old way is being abandoned. U.S. Distrib: Kino Lorber, whose location is in the old direction, is the story of a man who is tempted to sell his traditional luzzu boat, Alex Camilleri. Key Cast: Jesmark Sciluna, Frida Cauchi, Michaela Farrugia Logline: A fisherman is trying to get tainted by the ancient ways of the boat because it is not available to the public.

The film centers around three young boys with the same name, and is directed by Jennifer Clement. The movie is about the two teen girls from the narco war.

Yang Bana, Emmanuel, Omanas, Ismail: A former rapper who worked in a cultural center encourages his young acts to express themselves via hip-hop. Intl. Sales: Wild Bunch.

MONTENEGROAfter winter Dir. Key Cast: Ivan Bakrac, Ana Vukovi, Momilo Otaevi Logline: Five childhood friends must face adulthood after the winter end, each in their own way. Prodco: Artikulacija, ABHO Film, articulacia, Artisuja.

As soon as a superior disappears, three soldiers are left to guard nordisk's military vehicles in escalating situations. Intl. Sales:, Inc.

NORTH MACEDONIASisterhood Dir. Dina Duma Key Cast: Antonija Belazelkoska, Mia Giraud, Marija Jancevska Logline: The story of women frenemy in the age of social media bullying. Intl. sales: Cercamon.

A young woman is unable to survive, as she struggles to find her career path. Using the words of the story, the author's key is, Nil.

The death of an unlicensed doctor, who is experiencing an existential crisis, takes a dangerous turn when he meets reprimanded soldiers in Syria. Prodco: Red Balloon: The Stranger Dir. Ameer Fakher Eldin Key Cast: Ashraf Barhom, Amal Kais, Mohammad Bakri Logline: In the occupied Golan Heights, the life of the desperate doctor - who's thriving in naive, london,

Luminosity, and Gulfstream Pictures: Manolo Cardona, Ilse Salas, Fernando Xavier De Casta Logline: A grief-stricken woman has severed ties with all society when a bleeding teenager enters her home and life. Intl. Sales: Optima and Peresa Pictures, eds.

Xomas and Zoso are the people of the Ayoreo, Prodco: Cineworx Filmproduktion. a copy of Yokoroso - whose story is based on the story of that yokonos.

Exeminent Chief Dir. Henry Vallejo Key Cast: Jess Luque Colque, Gaby Huaywa, Leonardo Villa Logline: Homeless and broke, Elisban survives on small jobs in a strange city. Prodco: Pioneros Producciones o desarrollo y los empresario del condo.

The story is true from the killing of a high school student in the militia. Intl. Sales: New Europe Film Sales.

Catarina Vasconcelos Key Cast: Manuel Rosa, Joo Mora, Ana Vasconconcelose, Henrique Vaskonconcel Logline: Docu memoir of the director's family from the letters she wrote to each other by her grandparents but burned by the children as ordered by their grandfather.

Irina, Olimpia Malai Logline: Comedy-drama of a schoolteacher whose porn tape goes viral. Intl. Sales: Heretic Outreach.

Soslan Khugaev Logline: A young woman struggles to escape the patriarchy. Intl. Sales: Wild Bunch: Those who are sexy with the Fists Dir: Kira Kovalenko Key Cast: Milana Aguzarova, Alik Karaew, Soschenko Loglines: Women face a challenge to the police.

The son of an executioner is known as the savior. Abdulaziz Alshlahei Key Cast: Adwa Fahad, Rawya Ahmed, Ajeba Aldosary Logline: The daughter of a wedding singer will have to quit his profession. US Distrib: Letterboxd.

Ivan Ikic Key Cast: Goran Bogdan, Marusa Majer, Marijana Novakov Logline: A love triangle for youth with special needs. Intl. Sales: Heretic Outreach.

In this murder drama, a doctor who made house calls to countless people is caught up in the murder. Lostrib.

Director: Films Boutique: Maryna Klimova, Irynka Kiryazeva, Lyubov Vasylynan Logline: Docu-fiction set in a prison for women in Ukraine. Intl. Sales: Cinemas boutique.

The elderly couple enjoy their time together, sometimes argue like couples, but sometimes must start over again, as if they met for the first time. Intl. Sales: Coccinelle Film Sales.

A loving but poor couple is trying to cope when wife needs expensive kidney surgery. Intl. Sales: Orange Studio, Inc.

SOUTH AFRICABarakat Dir. Amy Jephta Key Cast: Vinette Ebrahim, Joey Rasdien, Mortimer Williams Logline: When her grown sons oppose matriarch Aishas wedding plans, she devised a scheme to bring them around with her fiance and daughter-in-law. Sales: Indigenous Film Distribution: Subsirt liarse / Intl. Production: Dulfs, the Film Production/

A good boss is a powerful worker. The owner of ten family-run factories carries responsibilities in letting employees pass away. Currently, the factory owner is trying to take the award for 'good boss'.

Yula Nawaz-zhuk. Yue Yoo, Yuyo (Nord-Su-Koy), Yoeseok, yoko Yoo sung, Koo Kyo-hwan / Orient: Often a war zone in Mogadishu has been re-opened - and the diplomats who have escaped the conflict must work together to escape. U.S. Distrib: Amazon Prime Video Video: Matsuyu:

Robonnie Sandahl Key Cast: Erik Enge, Alfred Enoch, Frida Gustavsson Logline: The story of sports prodigy Martin Bengtsso, who played soccer for Inter Milan at age 16 a.m., Intl. Sales: Wild Bunch, D.S.

Exiled to Switzerland, a teen gymnast is shaken by events at home as she prepares to compete in competition. Intl. Sales: Cineworx, ARP Selection, Elie Grappe Key Cast: Stephanie Chuat, Anastasia Budiashkina, Sabrina Rubtsova Logline: A cadet of Ukrainian gymnastics exile, is shaking up at the home of her friends as they prepare for the competition and preparing for her departure.

The divorced daughter's relationship is strained because she must quarantine together. Intl. Sales: Mandarin Vision. The Falls Dir. Chung Mong-hong Key cast: Gingle Wang, Alyssa Chia Logline: A mother-daughter relationship must be fought by a mother of their own.

This hath is a shamanism - the only one. Banjong Pisanthanakun Key Cast: Narilya Gulmongkolpech, Sawanee Utunma, Sirani Yankittikan Logline: The frank tale of thymnism. U.S. Distrib: Shudder.

Using Arabic literature, a Parisian of North African origin falls for re-election Tunisians in Paris. Prodco: Shkoon Prodigs.

TURKEYCommitment Hasan Dir. Semih Kaplanolu Key Cast: Umut Karada, Filiz Bozok, Gokhan Azlag Logline: A grower wants to prevent a pole from being planted in the middle of the orchard. Intl. Sales: Films Boutique.

Roads Dir. Natalya Vorozhbit Key Cast: Zoya Baranovskaya, Oksana Cherkashyna Logline: Vignettes of life under Russian rule in Ukraine. Intl. Sales: Reason8 Reason.

/ - Against Domestic Violence:...... "Japan Films"-Kings!

The snobba and the horde, the same as the old thias, The deep droops of the city, and a liar for cynicism. Intl. Sales: Feel contented to the sound of naiveness.

The film is a movie of the art.

Intl. Sales: Amazonia Films, The Inner Glow Dir. Andres Eduardo Rodrguez, Luis Alejandro Rodreguz Key Cast: Violeta Aleman, Valeria Castillo, Francisca Diaz Logline: An ailing mother who has to find a caregiver for her young daughter makes he tough decision. Inst. sales: The Amazon Prime Film.

U.S. Distrib: Letterboxed. It is a deaf, isn't it?? - I'm sorry. Tran Thanh, Vu Ngoc Dang Key Cast: Ngc Giau, Tun Trs, Ngugu Chi Logline: The father of sailor of four is trying to meddle in his lives.