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Disney Plus Goes Live in Korea and Taiwan, and Disney's TV is playing in Taiwan

Disney Plus Goes Live in Korea and Taiwan, and Disney's TV is playing in Taiwan

The Disney Plus streaming services launch on Friday in South Korea and Taiwan, two developed markets in East Asia. The launches will follow the release of some new Asian-produced shows that were revealed last month.

The service joins a highly competitive and crowded market where Apple TV Plus launched just last week.

Disney Plus will be sold at KRW9,900 ($8,40) per month or KrW9,000 ($84) a year, to give its competitive advantage, the products will come with LG Uplus IPTV, and KT Mobile, with separate price plans.

In Taiwan, the service will be offered at 270 dollars per month (9,000,71 dollars) and 230 dollars ($100,4) per year.

The move follows the launch earlier this year in Malaysia and Thailand, where it is named Disney Plus Hotstar and Singapore. It is scheduled to start Tuesday next week.

On Disney Plus, starting immediately in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The spin-off is directed by Lim Hyung-taek and sees the original cast of Kim Jong-kook, Haha and Jee Seok-jin take on new missions and challenges at famous landmarks in Korea and Asia, and celebrity guests.

The show is a collaboration with Japanese broadcaster TBS, which was originally launched on Oct. 27 in Japan and other select markets.

The series follows a highly experienced medical team who speed towards accidents and disasters in ER Cautionary Center. The battle between two doctors is focused on the rivalry between the two physicians who are unwittingly taking part in an important political game and saving their patients lives. It is based on remorse and action-packed medical drama, which is entirely centered on how he and her opponents battle and fought wildly against naive technologies.

In October, Disney unveiled over 20 new Asia-Pacific titles including seven Korean titles as part of its ambitious ambitious plan to greenlight over 50 APAC originals by 2023.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the company expects to have to increase spending on new content.

We announced at our last investor day [in December 2020 that we expect our total content expense to be between $8 and $9 billion in fiscal 2024, and we will be increasing that investment further, with the primary driver being more local and regional content, Chapek said on Disneys Q4 2021 call.