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Graeme Edge died at 80 when the Moody Blues co-founder and drummer, died

Graeme Edge died at 80 when the Moody Blues co-founder and drummer, died

Founder and drummer of the Moody Blues, Graeme Edge died Thursday, according to a statement posted on the band's website from guitarist Justin Hayward. He was 80.

Because of his love for the group, Graeme's sound and personality are present in everything we did together, and that will be a great day. When he told me I was retiring, I knew that without him it wouldn't be the Moody Blues anymore. And that'll live on. In fact, when what happened?

The band known for "Nights in White Satin" released its last album December in 2003 and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, the same year that he died of the flautist and vocalist Ray Thomas.

Edges poems were often recited as part of album preludes, as well as drumming.

John Lodge wrote on Facebook that he was the White Eagle of the North with his beautiful poetry. To me, i was a nipper of bourbons, and his love of life, but was so proud of his style of drumming that was my passion for the Moody Blues.... I will miss him, Greek, the bassist wrote.

The Moody Blues started in 1965 in Birmingham, England and went on to hit with Tuesday Afternoon and I'm just a Singer. Edge played on 16 studio albums for the band, starting with their first album, The Magnificent Moodies.

Their first album had a rhythm and blues and Merseybeat feel, and didnt make waves for the Blues. It all changed when their second concept album Days of Future Passed was released in 1967 and incorporated symphonic, psychedelic sound into their sprawling compositions.

The Actor Jeremy Irons performed Edges poems on the live album Days of Future Passed Live.

A tribute to Graeme was made by the legendary Jeremy Irons in the late 1960s. He was a poet and drummer, and he was called upon to be able to achieve that very well and flawlessly, creating sung and dancing, while creating an atmosphere and setting that the music would never have achieved without his words. I asked Libby Iron to create & recreate them for our last tours together and it was absolutely magical. Grameme is one of the great characters of music and there will never