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Patricia Allison, Tate Donovan to Star in Hawaii-Set Western 'Paradise&& / (EXCLUSIVE)

Patricia Allison, Tate Donovan to Star in Hawaii-Set Western 'Paradise&& / (EXCLUSIVE)

Patricia Allison joined Tate Donovan (Rocketman) in anti-colonial Western Paradise.

The book, which is based in Hawaii by BroSis and Blimp Worldwide, tells Ella's story, a rebellious punk and the fastest gun around. Her only family is her father, Dan, the local sheriff. When corrupt officials cover up her murder, her small island town of Paradise'dilia is threatened.

Allison, who broke out in Netflix drama "Sex Education," stars alongside Bashir Salahuddin (Glow), Arjun Gupta (The Magicians) and Adam Lustick (Corporate) (CJ Hoff (Outcast)), Myles Evans (Dickinson) (Waynes World).

The film is directed by Max Isaacson and written by Tony Borden, based on a story written on the pair's. The movie is being produced by Ian Morland and Zach Carver for Blimp Worldwide and BroSis, with Alvaro R. Valente as executive producer. Casting by Alice Merlin and Stefni Colle.

The former president said that this aradise has existed for nearly ten years, since its origins have always been inherited in my head, and that is an anachronism of the old west, the antiauthoritarian and the odd idiosyncrass of sex and in their egotism. They're forced to fight against the resuscitation of their lives, with the freedom to take on their own self-interest.

I can't wait for the world to meet Ella Patchet and the gang that make up Paradise. I'm so excited to shoot this movie; it is really exciting to tell a really cool story about savana at taverna's, at the time of great change.

He has already faced a few misfortunes when we find him and, like the tides, he has moved into difficult situations, which ultimately help shape her along the way, she added.