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The Black TV & Film Collective is merged with The Parity Project

The Black TV & Film Collective is merged with The Parity Project

The Black TV & Film Collective (BTFC) is merging with The Parity Project, a data-driven organization founded by Black Writers Guild of America (WGA) union members.

The two parties, who worked for 8 years to combat underrepresentation in the industry, have said they will continue their work under the banner Black Television & Film Collective.

Among the initiatives launched by both BTFC and The Parity Projects in the past include career support, mentorship, and networking to help black and African artists achieve financially sustainable careers in television, film and digital entertainment.

In 2020, the Black Producer Fellowship (BTFC) launched a short film, which grants six emerging Black producers 275 dollars in production financing, $25,000 in kind production equipment and mentorship from members), while The Parity Project developed sa mentor program called Each One Teach One that was designed to support Black showrunners.

Among others, the advisory board includes industry heavyweights such as producer Cassian Elwes, Tanzanian and American writer-director Ekwa Musangi, showrunner and producer Ben Watkins, comedian and activist Aida Rodriguez, producer Effie Brown, illustrator, director and writer Peter Ramsey, showsrunner, producers Jeff Melvoin, and HBOs Insecure producer Deniese Davis.

The launch of the new, combined organization is followed by a fundraising effort to raise $1 million to fund op-elect, executive director/CEO, increased-capacity building, new animation and postproduction editing fellowships, launch showcasing new programs, and launch digital training.

BTFC co-founder and board member Hurriyah Muhammad. We see serving Los Angeles and New York as the beginning, and over time we'll open a hub in other major cities across the United States and the world, with the intention of removing as many barriers as possible, said Muhammad Muhammad, Founder and CEO. We are advancing digital technology to train, connect and empower Black creatives from all over the globe, to remove as much barriers that have historically kept us from being ignored.

Ron McCants added: Our future is bright because as Black people, we can level mountains by joining our friends and sisters. It's our great superpower. Together we will do that.