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The NBA Star, Snoop Dogg and Overcoming Pandemic Obstacles Directors on the NBA Players NBA Player, and Snick Doggen and the Overtakes of Pandesmic Obstructions

The NBA Star, Snoop Dogg and Overcoming Pandemic Obstacles Directors on the NBA Players NBA Player, and Snick Doggen and the Overtakes of Pandesmic Obstructions

The documentary Showtime analyzes his origins and how he was famous for his role in the game "Uncut Gems" opposite Adam Sandler. The film gives an insight into how his career began and the point of his story is how the team became famous and developed a career for future legends like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

As fans of the 90s basketball themselves, Garnett had a strong story to work with, when he discussed ideas for projects. The way seemed clear: it was time for Garnet to tell his own story.

In short, the documentary shows the long-lived side of Garnett's career that many may not be as familiar with as his high school career or the large role Chicago played in his preparation for the NBA. Besides that, there are heartfelt interviews from big players in Garnnetts life and career, such as Doc Rivers, Sam Cassell and Snoop Dogg.

Levin and Newman spoke to Variety about the film, from production during the pandemic to surprising stories and storytellers they found throughout the process.

How did we work with Kevin Garnett, and how did all that begin?

So you know, it was amazing. It was a wild experience. I think beyond what first hits you when you meet him is his storytelling ability. And as if he had mastered chatting to me, we were like, Why are you not going to have to tell your story? And we was like Oh, I havent ever talked to him. And so I said, I have never asked him for this.

What surprised you during this process? Did you have moments or stories you didn't anticipate?

Having a lot of these sports docs, that Ive worked on, and with interdisciplinary stories that are very good, so that we can get to re-enter the kate and yawn what he has been doing, we have mastered the art of tidie, if that is true. Those swathes of this film, as well as the love of his people, have no effect on our story, but we're happy to be surprised.

What made Kevin stand out as a subject for tv?

DL: It was so clear that when you talk to him, he's almost like a one-man show. He'll be performative, doing impressions, his recalling small details. I've always seen Kevin on television and on the court, but to see him perform his life in front of us was just awesome.

How did Snoop Dogg get involved?

I think it was hard to find someone who was a superstar in the same era as Kevin, you know from the early to the mid '90s, and was looking for someone that was, like them both, accustomed to advancing the game of basketball and hip hop. And seeing them enamored with each others craft was wild to watch.

What part of K.G.s story do you think will resonate the most with the audience?

I don't think the younger generation realizes the overall impact he had, which we obviously do our best in the film. It's going from high school to the NBA when no one did it for 20+ years, and the circumstances in which er stepped up the program, a new world-class player. But there'll be another forget basketball, find another athlete who had such imposing impact on their sport.

Did you have any favorite voices in the show?

I did not mention that there were so many people, but one is coach Wolf Nelson, a great storyteller. He was like he was the big goldmine when i went to Farragut the day before the All-Star game, and threw out dozens of VHS tapes. And if savages were like that, it was as obscene as the film of the movie's in his lifetime.

Are you interested in a NBA player?

I've been really stuck on like, where do you go from here in long-form docu storytellng when it comes to another basketball player? Putting aside my Celtic bias, I definitely want to work on something. Docs for current players are really tricky. One thing we like on Showtime is that we focus on teams that had a cultural impact. There have been countless damn good NBA teams in the 1990s and the 2000s that didn't win all but they were damn close.

Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible premieres on Showtime on Nov. 12 at 8 p.m.