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Will Smith's Book Tour Tour Rolls On to Los Angeles for a positive conversation with Ava DuVernay About His Career and Fatherhood

Will Smith's Book Tour Tour Rolls On to Los Angeles for a positive conversation with Ava DuVernay About His Career and Fatherhood

Will Smiths book tour took over the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday night.

The 3,400-seat theater was packed for the rafters for a two hour event, as Smith brought his own special brand of smoke to the stage, both in form of pyrotechnics and enrolment.

As the director, as well as a part of the documentary, the show, he scoured the audience, and re-enter the award for his film, King Richard in two months.

Smith described his complicated relationship with his father, Willard Smith Smith Sr. (who went by Daddio), who Smith says was and is his hero, but was also a source of great pain, as he was abusive during Smiths childhood.

He was my father, one of the greatest lessons of my life the way I look at the world, the ways I can endure, and the manner I think. He has the same name, but he beat up my mother, while slams me, a young person. And it just makes me angry.... Aren't you supposed to hate someone that beats up your mother?

When he was a youngster, Smith took on the situation as his personal failure, becoming an entertainer and defense mechanism. I started acting as if everybody was laughing and enjoying the time it was in my house, explains et.

Smith shared how the fractured relationship pushed him to try to become the best father this planet ever seen for his kids Trey, Jaden and Willow.

From the age of 5 I wanted to become a father. I knew I was in love with my kids. Partially because of my childhood, I needed to have gotten better and better.

The actor performed his 1997 song, Just the Two of Us, by his pianist Marcus. When he spoke of the Smith kids, the evening was marked with special significance, as it fell on Treys 29th birthday. Smith pointed out his eldest child, who was sitting beside his mother, Smith ex-wife, and asked him to stand for the applause, while a neon sign showed him directing the song.

DuVernay asked if you had ever thought that you would speak to your son at the Dolby Theatre in front of all those people about this?

Smith said that it was such a scary time, especially because I'd just forgotten that I had to pay taxes back in 1990 and I was like, Oh no, now I brought somebody else into it, Smith chuckled.

It was a very difficult time to remember that Trey's birth was an emergency cesarean and he had, when sat the babies in the NICU, hived Daddy' ear. It became choking to parents.

Smith also said that Zampino was a great man, especially because she had no time to work and was doing it, and because of the way she kept her relationship with him and then after his divorce. It was so critical in those situations, as much as I was working and everything I stayed doing, but she didn't have you for ten years. I've got you forever, he said.

He also acknowledged longtime friends who were in the house, including Charlie Mack and veteran entertainment executive Benny Medina, and re-received the audience with stories about the roles they played in some of his fairytale moments, such as his team up with DJ Jazzy Jeff back in Philly and his impromptu audition for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air at Quincy Jones birthday party, all on the way to racking up a string of box office hits (two consecutive no. 1 films,

Smith recounted his final Facetime call with Daddio, who died in November 2016 in the wake of the accident. As the director told him to call his father six weeks earlier, and the two men took that time to really understand the relationship.

In that final call, Smith said, the two just looked at each other for about 20 minutes. His father didn't have any advice to give, eventually turning to humor.

Smith says working out with his father purified his heart and taught him major life lessons.

I just learned what love is, you know what I mean, its like you cant punish people for mistakes, Smith said, beginning to break down on stage. Nobody... no onell be perfect. Theyre trying to figure out this shit out the best way they can.

I was very grateful for this fact. "Let's forgive people. And a large part of it is forgiving yourself. If we don't forgive ourselves for something, it makes it impossible for us to forgive others. [Daddio] helped me cultivate like an emotional invincibility. To love and to be loved is really all there is, and everything else needs to support that."

After praising his tears (and as many in the audience choked back their own own), Smith thanked DuVernay for co-hosting and transitioning back to rapper mode, to perform the song, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, his first No. 1 single, ending the evening on a high note.

As he embraced the memoir "King Richard" and his upcoming National Geographic series "Welcome to Earth," the Los Angeles edition followed a short stop by Queen Latifah, before Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff brought down the house with emcee; Brooklyn, where Spike Lee was the omcese and Chicago, wo the author did the honors.

After the movie opens the 2021 AFI Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Smith returns to Hollywood Blvd. The second day of King Richard is opened for the final of the book tour and a conversation with Idris Elba on Nov. 18. The next day (Nov. 19), The movie opens in theaters and begins streaming via HBO Max.