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I was an open-minded experience

I was an open-minded experience

The father, son and house of Gaga went on to a physical and mental transformation to play her character inspired by the real-life Patrizia Reggiani.

During the red carpet premiere of the film, Gaga told Variety that he realized that she knew that her big mistake was, and it was a lot of trauma that drove her towards this big error that I know she regretted. So you won't watch if you go to the 'House of Gucci', you will not watch any sexy, gold-digging murderess movie, or you'll watch how obnoxious, riotous woman frighten and t

Jared Leto, who plays Paolo Gucci, has been interested in his dramatic physical transformation.

"It was a fun experience which I loved most. The heart, soul and spirit of the character are the key, so without that you have nothing," said Leto. "This experience was immersive."

Adam Driver, who plays Maurizio Gucci, didn't even recognize Leto when he first saw him on set.

I think that the first time I saw Jared was during all this press stuff, said Driver. And what he did in the movie I thought was really scary. I loved watching him, and doing that with him.

Jeremy Irons, or Rodolfo Gucci in the movie, was amazed and amused by Letos performance. He said that he was hiding in the costume, and portrayed a person so different from himself, both Gaga and Iron, standing out in this process as they used broader method approach.

Ridley Scott said, Gaga has her own methodology. I wouldn't call it method, but I would immerse in the character, said Scott.

Both of them spoke always with an accent. They never were out of character in the entire movie, said producer Giannina Facio. They were in character even when we had dinner and stuff.