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The Legendary chef Alice Waters opened Lulu, her First L.A. restaurant

The Legendary chef Alice Waters opened Lulu, her First L.A. restaurant

Alice Waters, a matriarch of California cuisine, has finally arrived in Los Angeles, exactly 50 years after her first opening the famous Chez Panisse, Berkeley. Water has partnered with the Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin to launch Lulu.

This restaurant was designed to bring together artists, farmers, students and diners for "visual, edible art." The restaurant has been adapted to meet the needs of the museum's courtyard.

The museum wanted to attract the locals and find out what the purveyors were saying.

Tanis says that we're getting to know many people at farmers markets. There are some people we really like a lot, so were really into the radishes from Weiser Family Farms. They'll end up in salads more times than not, says Tani.

A three-course meal is available with a la carte menu; based on the local sour cream cheese and melon stew with the Dungeness crab. Fruit and vegetables shine in walnuts and eggplant with hazelnuts, and are rich in olive oil with mango and cucumbers.

Tanis names the saffron couscours and the duck breast salad as his favourite dishes. It is very seasonal, it depends on what there is at the farm, he says.

The wine list focuses on biodynamic offerings, including the first certified regenerative California rose from Tablas Creek, and the cocktail menu features wine from family-owned producers. Christina Kim and Sean Daly designed the indoor-outdoor space with tables made from nearby fallen trees, native plant landscaping and a Jorge Pardo mosaic wall. 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Yarra.

The foyer, which houses several old shops and restaurants, has a wide array of pieces of artifacts. 6667 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, allowing the guests to enjoy the private dining experience. There are four private spaces with dozens of rooms, each with two-to-one access to neo-noo, with one hand - the space will be carved out of the past four decades.