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Firas Khoury Flies 'The Flag in Cairo, Lines Up - the Tarkovsky / Written With Hany Abu-Assad

Firas Khoury Flies 'The Flag in Cairo, Lines Up - the Tarkovsky / Written With Hany Abu-Assad

In the gripping naturalistic drama The Flag (Alam), a Palestinian-Israeli teen who lives in lands in the Galilee village, is forced into obliterate enlightened by sexy, outspoken girl whose school's rooftop steered, and re-arrested - to displace the Israeli flag and Palestinian flag, on the eve of hawais visit by an important Israeli official.

The flag is a movie and movie about whose love story and the coming-of-age story are based on the acclaimed film adaptation of the Cairo Film Connection. The film is directed and written by Firas Khoury, an Israeli citizen known for his prize-winning shorts Maradonas Legs and Yellow Mums. The producers are Maria Macia and Claire Gadea from MPM, Melik Kochbati from Paprika Films (Tunisi

The project received funding from Doha Film Institute in 2015, featured in the Cannes Cinefondation LAtelier lineup in 2017, and was pitched in Venice Gap-Finance Market in 2019.

The project will be represented in Cairo by Kochbati, which is currently in post-production. We intend to finish at the Cairo Film Connection by spring 2022.

Khoury talks to Variety from Tunis, where he has been based for the past six years and where the film shot, but remained exhausted. The 39-year-old has just celebrated the birth of his first child and is on a short paternity leave.

Currently, Palestinians are a minorized minority, whose voices are underrepresented on screen, the Palestinian people who live in Israel. This legal citizens of Israel share an identity full of discrimination and conflict. He decided to focus on teen protagonists because they live with multiple restrictions and long for freedom in their lives.

Tamer plays a strong character of the acting dynasty that is played by the veteran Palestinian performer Mohammad Bakri. As well as the role of Mahmouds older brother, Saleh plays Tamers one-time activist uncle.

As a consequence, the small but fiery Sereen Khass, whose designer and fashion designer, Samoa, plays Maysaa', an unafraid, politically committed newcomer to Tamer's class, unconscious of the Palestinian rights.

While his youth cast may be very popular, they aren't complete unknowns. In a new interview, Khoury says, One of them is very famous: Mohammed Karaki, whose 19-year-old friend is called Shekel.

The script has just been finished.