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At IDFA Forum Awards, the "La Casa", "The New Greatness" and "Continuum VR" triumph in the new year's awards

At IDFA Forum Awards, the

The 34th edition of the Amsterdam-based documentary festival was named IDFA Forum Award for Best Pitch on Wednesday.

The film, in collaboration between Chile and Germany, will focus on a time when the world's social revolution is unleashed and the global pandemic puts people into confinement. A new multidimensional universe is revealed as the emergence of sane human beings.

The award goes to a project that presents specialized perspectives of confined space in modalities of multifaceted form with nuanced sensory perception, with diverse visual and sound elements, jurors said.

The separation becomes an exploration of the complexities of relationships: with each other, the nature, neighborhood and the current social and political context of contemporary society.

The film "La Casa" is made by the director of Perut + Osnovikoff Ltd. and financed by CORFO, Fondo Fomento Audiovisual and Market Chile.

The jury rated the project a project that represents the personal struggle of individuals against oppression. In this case, the government accused Putin of doing everything to undermine the young, free-thinking and the honest.

The film becomes not just a testimony of events, but also enlightens the audience and discloses how injustice and violation of human rights are violated, it was argued.

The DocLab Forum Award went to the Continuum VR by Daniela Maldonado, Tomas Espinosa and Paula Gempeler, an invitation to introduce ourselves to six transgender women sex workers.

The project we want to praise is focused on creative collaboration and celebrates the lives of the marginalized and denied. Through the presence and communion of VR, the project is a very powerful and exciting project, says the jurors of Aroa Studio and CANVAR in France.

Each award includes a cash prize of 1,500. IDFA will conclude its 34th in person edition on Nov. 28th.

Awards for IDFA for the Forum Awards.

The IDFA Forum Award was won for Best Pitch: La Casa by Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff, respectively.

Anna Shishova-Bogolubova praised the IDFA Forum Award for Best Rough Cut: The New Greatness by Anna Shshovo-Ogawa.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Continuum VR by Daniela Maldonado, Tomas Espinosa and Paula Gempeler.