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SAG Awards Changes Venue as Show Returns to In-Person event in 2022

SAG Awards Changes Venue as Show Returns to In-Person event in 2022

The Screen Actors Guild has been moving to Santa Monica's Barker Hangar for at least one major change.

Jon Brockett, a producer at SAG Awards said that the decision to decamp for Santa Monica was based on the fact that it had been so long in the same facility.

We chose Barker Hangar because it's blank canvas, he says. We can create anything we want in this vast space that could accommodate all our needs including our carpet, showroom and post-awards gala.

This 3-5,000 square-foot Barker Hangar is a popular venue for awards shows, having housed Peoples Choice, Critics Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards and many more over the years.

There is a lot of opportunity in this space, since there is no existing architecture or design to compete with, Brockett says. We are taking advantage of that and going with softer, all-encompassing and experiential feel for the guests, which we're really excited to reveal in the coming months.

The second-ever ceremony held in 1996, took place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

The SAG Awards traditionally went without one, until 2018, when Kristen Bell took the gig. Megan Mullally hosted in 2019, and then the 2020 show again went again without a host (and then continued to run the show without Eugene Levy and Dan Levey to open the exhibition).

The show was telecasting April 4 in the upcoming ceremony, but it was expected to return to its two-hour form, when 2021's virtual event ran out. The tv, which was produced by John E. Smith, and Sean Hayes, was built as a pre-taped special. Under executive producers Todd Milliner, Kathy Connell and the director Tom, the show aired in 'The Square', would re-created if nominated actors were brought together in

We are very proud of the virtual show earlier this year, Brockett says. We found a way to make everyone safe and comfortable, we were very excited to return to in-person. It is evident that we all love the SAG Awards and that's what we always expect to bring back.

The producer still figuring out the number of guests and seating at the next ceremony so attendees feel comfortable.

In addition to the new venue, it's completely scalable in terms of design and layout, says he. An awards show honoring union members, the health and safety of our nominees, guests, staff and crew has always been a priority. We'll be working closely with COVID experts on how to best approach such unforeseen events safely and carefully to ensure compliance with local government and guilds guidelines and standards.