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How Teri Hatcher found her stand-up comedy Groove With Help From 'Ted Lasso&038;s&' Brett Goldstein

How Teri Hatcher found her stand-up comedy Groove With Help From 'Ted Lasso&038;s&' Brett Goldstein

Teri Hatcher has a lot of fun about comedy.

She isn't shy of delivering jokes or being put in humorous situations onscreen. From her iconic guest star appearance on Seinfeld to her almost upcoming star season of often outlandish moments on a Desperate Housewives. The two are playing in the showtime special Even More Funny Women of A Certain Age.

I started writing and performing my first versions of what I would call funny stories about a year ago. I was doing that with some really great comedic writers; we would do shows for charity in front of 300 or 400 people. That was just oblivious to how I tried to perform re-imagined improvised stories, Hatcher tells Variety.

Hatcher went to the show that her friend Aisling Bea performed, and ended up meeting and unintentionally trying out something about Beats friend, a pre-Ted Lasso Brett Goldstein.

I haven't really asked a gynecologist for that question and so I started to say it to him, "Does it look like he's this guy who'll get sex with me?' I really said that and re-read what I said and said to his kitty and put on ephemeral rams, 'I have gotten to the cynic office' and I've been trying to find - and finally said,

Hatcher started to work on longer-form material a few times in Los Angeles. He helped me develop what would be an outline of hes titled: The goal of talking about my sexual abuse as ya'm and what it's like to be caring for aging parents subjects Id like me to explain.

But her gynecologist told her she has a totally average vagina made traces of her work for Even More Funny Women of Various Ages.

I think, Also I get older, the more I look at, Wow, I learn some things, either by making mistakes or by living long enough, Hatcher says.

The latter, whose theme is a special, says was primarily de-stigmatizing the aging process for women, but if you can rely on her 'Seinfeld' character and the "they're real and they've spectacular" line that still follows her to this day, she says, was really proud of her. She worked on that one joke for the most yet of the week, then the other one, who reworded it, and then he drew

What didnt come up in that particular set is her time on a series such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman or Desperate Housewives.

"Like any relationship, the farther you get away from it, I think you're able to think about it in a way that you can actually say something interesting, but I don't know that that is necessarily if you do have consciously embraced it so that it is reflected in that new phase of her career.

The rest of the lineup of 'Even More Funny Women' is made up of standup veterans, from Wendy Liebman to Monique Marvez and Marsha Warfield. Hatcher admits it was pretty scary to step on stage with so many brilliant performers, but she says it's also an honor to hang out with them.

She came to the show after performing in Nikki Levys Dont Tell My Mother, for which she wrote and performed about six minutes of comedy, with the premise that it was something you wouldnve liked your mother to hear. She's manager also learned about the third installment of this standup franchise, which got her the booking.

The entire time I began to get the job out of a small vagina, so I was reluctant to do this because I couldn't explain to an audience what Teri Hatcher was doing on stage telling jokes and / or besides the joke - I just walked in to 'a hairbrush' for days and days.

Hatcher still juggling acting gigs, but she recently launched the Hallmark holiday film A Kiss Before Christmas for example. But she considers her next challenge to writing a set that isnt under naive umbrella that I could feel confident at least trying at. normal club.

She thinks that she can stand up by her ability to act in the sense that, while on stage shooting this special, I did in real time forget some stuff then then figured out how to stick it back in later in his set, she says, noting that her background helps her stand-up in a sense: If you don't think that he's able to do so, you will wonder what she'll do up on such tadpoles.

I've been single for a long time, and I know what it's like, but I feel like maybe I could make other women feel less alone. I can just make the entertainment by self-deprecation, she says. The goal is to just unite older women.

The show airs on Showtime on Nov. 24 at 10 p.m.