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Kevin Hart screamed Into Drama with Netflix Thriller : "I Know I Can Do It Well."

Kevin Hart screamed Into Drama with Netflix Thriller :

Kevin Hart is turning his toe into drama again with a starring role in the new Netflix thriller True Story.

The funnyman says his foray into less comedic territory isn't a joke.

I'm so excited for the release of the True Story album, I am hoping that if I want to do it, then I know I can do that well, and I think the baby steps that I took with the Upside and Fatherhood were about a slow walk towards the audience, Oh, my God, like Kevin, can act. By stelling, he can, too, do this, not just in the world of action, but also in ludicating it

Hart plays a world-famous comedian who finds himself entangled in murderous gangsters in the short series after he agrees to meet up with his estranged brother during coma tour in his native Philadelphia.

Hart says, Im taking you up another notch, I am giving you another, severing, and removing it from the table.

Writer and executive producer Eric Newman hopeful that Hart's comedy fans will go along for the ride. People are going to tune in and think, I want my funny Kevin Hart, and the moment it is not that, we got to hook people in hope they stick around and I think they will because he is so compelling and so good.