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The Big Grammy Awards are no exception to Taylor Swift and Kanye West Were Last-Minute Additions for Top Grammys

The Big Grammy Awards are no exception to Taylor Swift and Kanye West Were Last-Minute Additions for Top Grammys

The Recording Academy decided to expand the number of Grammy nominees just 24 hours before the announcement of the list was made on Tuesday to the benefit of artists including Kanye West, Taylor Swift, ABBA and Lil Nas X.

The move, which saw the list of nominees in the top four general categories grow from 8 to 10, was positioned as a natural progression by the CEO of Harvey Mason jr. when asked about it by Variety on Monday, it was presented as an incredible opportunity for us to honor more artists and shine sand on more great music, and possibly offer enlightenment to more genres of music to be honored.

The rise in the top lists caused the delay. The high lists were often used to service the media 24 hours before the announcement.

The report found that Lil Nas Xs Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Albare I Still Have Faith in You were added to the album of the year; Swift and West The Black Man was the additional candidate for the song of that year; Carlile s second nomination in the category; and Baby Keem and Arooj Aftab were selected in all new artists field.

The Times reported that artists benefitted from the shift from 8 to 10 by comparing the final list with a list created prior to the Monday decision whose version had begun circulating outside the Recording Academy before the nominations were announced on Tuesday. The time said it obtained 'a copy of the earlier list.

Mason told the Times that the artists who added to the list were simply the ninth and tenth most voted by the Academys members, and were determined by Deloitte, its partner in collecting and tabulating votes. As for whether ratings for the multimillion dollar Grammy telecast were a consideration for Swift-West addition, he said, That wasn't if it was based on rumours that it would be deemed largely obscene. That was not merely s

I applaud the abyss of our Academy for the hard and hard work that was able to rethink the policy of the expansion of its general fields, which has resulted in the development of ten new categories, as well as the greatness of their efforts to honor more music, more artists and more genres. And yes, they did it quickly and decisivively, and they didn't know who the additional nominees would be.

As far as the new recording academy, I would like to thank all the nominees and music fans this year.

It may seem rushed, but it was a thoughtful, well-thought process that was also data-driven.

The recording artist listened to the news story that she claimed a nomination for her and had no idea what it was shes, but she hasn't heard back on what that source was, and said that the information was removed, in spite of being misled by the sources, citing the fact that he did not have any ideas about the final nominations.

Chorney believes that it was made to keep her from getting into the country again. The question is a resurgence as well as the fact that the erroneous news accounts may have credited her with he nomination, and that she was axed. And with no explanations on why she had thrown dozens of nominations, the Grammy has made her come to the studio.

The Times news about the last minute expansion of top nominations sets an awkward tone for the next Grammy Awards, an institution that has been marred by an ongoing series of unsavory controversies over the past five years.

Last year, the Weeknd was unqualified from all nominations, despite having one of the most successful albums and singles of 2013 with After Hours and Blinding Lights. The Academy resigned from its secret nomination review committees that had curated the final nominee lists for most categories, but the list continued.

Mason has pledged a new era of transparency, but the controversies have continued.

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