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The new Drive Into International TV series in Lisboa is Portugals New Drive for Liola Showcases The New Go to London series

The new Drive Into International TV series in Lisboa is Portugals New Drive for Liola Showcases The New Go to London series

The first edition of OnSeries Lisboa, which runs Nov 25-26, could have hardly come at a more opportune time.

With the acquisition of local broadcasters and streaming-platforms, co-productions and production subsidies, and a incentive scheme now offering 5% of spend cash rebates.

The two-day event brings a group of high-profile streamers, production companies, sales agents, television buyers and commissioning editors to Lisbon.

The opening session of the event includes the international premiere of Natural Law (Causa Propria) produced by Arquipelago Filmes for the Portuguese pubcaster, RTP.

The series was created by Edgar Medina and Rui Cardoso Martins and directed by Joo Nuno Pinto (Mooxquito), a small provincial town, for crimes against humanity.

Streaming platforms are upping their investment in Portuguese TV series. Recent examples include Gloria, produced by SPi for Netflix and RTP.

The Pubcaster RTP is involved in two major Spanish-Portuguese crime thrillers to be presented during the event: Sequa (Drought), produced by Atlantia Media (Spain) and Coral Europa (Portugal) for RTVE and RTR; and Operation Black Sea, produced for Amazon Prime and ARTP.

ONSeries Lisboa also features production panels and workshops, speed dating sessions with Portuguese screenwriters and directors and an international pitching session.

Panels will focus on key genres explored in recent Portuguese TV series, including crime, historical fiction and romantic drama.

Two Portuguese-language streaming platforms, the recently launched Opto SIC and Brazils fast-expanding Globoplay, will be presented in separate sessions.

In a workshop, the new funding opportunities available in Portugal will be discussed, focusing on subsidy grants for audiovisual productions and the 30% cash rebate scheme available for fiction series with minimum eligible spend of five60,000 euros.

In order to help support the seed funding for new projects, onIdeas has selected six projects from Portugal, Brazil and France, selected from 44 projects; they will compete for 15,800 ($16,200) and 10,000 ($11, 200) development awards, granted by RTP and SIC.

Among Portuguese attendees included broadcasters, RTP, SIC and TVI, film institute ICA, the Portugal Film Commission, and leading production companies such as SPi, Coral Europa, Plural, Fado Filmes, Maria&Mayer, David&Golias and Ukbar Films.

International attendees take in Amazon Prime Video (Brazil), Movistar Plus (Spain), Federation Entertainment (France), Caracol TV (Colombia), CBS Studios International. Viacom CBS (Netherlands), RTVE (Spanien) and HBO Latin America (Brasilien).

The participants were Portocabo (Spain), Global Screen (Germany), Netflix, Orange OCS (France), HBO Europe & HBO Max EMEA (Spanien), RTI Mediaset Group (Italie), Mediawan Rights (Brazil), France Televisions (Allemagne), IB3TV (Portugal), Scenic Rights, Film.UA Group, GECA Consultores (Payz) and ZDF Enterprises.