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The Beatles to be Played by Jonah Lees, Blake Richardson in Brian Epstein Biopic 'Midas Man&", The New Beatles will be played by Joe Lee, and Joanne Lee's in The Playing,, JoAnn, Lee and Blake, were also played in the music by John Richards and the playwriter

The Beatles to be Played by Jonah Lees, Blake Richardson in Brian Epstein Biopic 'Midas Man&

The music biopic Midas Man, directed by the Beatles wunderkind manager Brian Epstein, has now cast its fab four.

John Lennon will be played by Jonah Lees (The Letter for the King), Paul McCartney by Blake Richardson (Eleven Days) and George Harrison by Leo Harvey Elledge (Creation Stories), and Ringo Starr by newcomer Campbell Wallace. (See first look images above and below).

Adam Lawrence (Peaky Blinders), Pete Best and Jay Leno (Dances) as Ed Sullivan, who hosted the Beatles on the Ed-Sullivan Show in 1964.

Already cast is Jacob Fortune-Lloyd in the lead role as Epstein, the music mogul who was credited with turning the Beatles into superstars.

Emily Watson (Gosford Park) will play Epstein's mother Malka, Eddie Marsan (Ridley Road), his father Harry and Omari Douglas (It'll be a sin) as Lonnie Trimble'.

Other cast members include Rosie Day (Outlander), Cilla Black, Lukas Gage (Euphoria) as Tex Ellington and Charley Palmer Rothwell (Jack Ryan), as record producer George Martin.

The film had to be directed by Jonas kerlund, who parted ways with the production just three weeks into the shooting, forcing it to shut down temporarily.

Sara Sugarman replaced kerlund by the director of "Vinyl".

In a statement, the actors playing the Beatles are extraordinary groups and ooze that very visceral feeling of the '60s, are charming, playful, and so authentic. I doubt that Jay Leno will capture Ed Sullivan's essence perfectly, In the meantime, it will add an incredible element of modern showbiz to the story.