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Iceland Moots Increase of 25% Rebate to Boost Red-Hot Production Hub

Iceland Moots Increase of 25% Rebate to Boost Red-Hot Production Hub

When the coronavirus pandemic arrived last year in Iceland, shutting down Netflixs eight-part supernatural volcano drama Katla, veteran filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur quickly stepped up to the challenge.

Kormakur came up with measures that would allow the production to get up and running again, introducing frequent testing and devising a color-coded system to control the flow of cast and crew on set.

Since then, there hasn't been a look back for Kormakur and his RVK Studios, which produced the series. I never worked more than the year of the pandemic, he tells Variety. We never stopped shooting.

It is the latest indication that the Nordic nation known for its stunning, international landscapes remains a hot spot for international productions, attracting specialized, English-speaking crews and high-quality infrastructure, and despite its speed and efficiency, the 25 percent cash rebate on qualifying spend has been praised for his speed, efficiency and quality.

The film, titled "Lamb", used the forest of a farm, and the sweeping landscapes to make it look almost natural. The story of the half-human, halflambian child interfered with primal nature. It also used to resemble the mountains and sandscapes as well as the waves of forest lands and hills to give it resemblance to the landscape.

DP Martin Ruhe recalls being blown away by the beauty of the island nation while focusing on the feature The Midnight Sky of George Clooney. It is a very pretty landscape. You can imagine capturing Westerns.You can even imagine the futuristic landscape, he says. "When I find it strange to me, it sometimes feels like you are on o another planet, because it is so alien to what I know about it."

The veteran cinematographer credits Truenorth, one of Iceland's leading production services, for allowing a frictionless shoot in spite of the many challenges. They always were really always looking to make things possible, but at the same time keep everybody safe.

The country is famous for its extreme weather and landscapes, but still, while the legends of the likes like Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are largely obscure.

There are numerous productions, like the Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga, which filmed scenes in the picturesque fishing village of Husavik. It is not always a landscape.

As far as the extinction of the coronavirus, foreign crew and crew was granted special permits to work through the modified quarantine which Kjartansson described as a change of quarantines.

The government also made a campaign promise to raise the cash rebate in the wake of recent elections, with industry insiders expecting the administration to deliver. It isn't just wishful thinking. I think its realistic, says Kormakur. "I think that going to 30% or 35% is the question.

The Netflix survival drama "Against the Ice" has starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cole and the film "Luther," a popular BBC series whose executive producer Idris Elba produced and directed by Kormakur.

GN Studios is a modern movie village built just 10 minutes from Reykjavik. A 34,400-square-foot sound stage is already operational, with two additional totaling an additional 34.400 square feet expected to be up and running by mid-2022.

Kormakur expects that additional space will be a boon for what is already shaping up to be busy year. I would be very surprised if it wasnt overbooked, he says. But unless the politicians live up with the promises, it will explode.