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The frightened spirit of the crow in the film 'Ricky Gervais Boards Comedy Series - Greenlight- German Genius

The frightened spirit of the crow in the film 'Ricky Gervais Boards Comedy Series - Greenlight- German Genius

Ricky Gervais has launched a new series from WarnerMedia Germany in which he has shared his tweets from 2019.

The 8-episode series, which started shooting in Berlin, satiries the German television industry.

Two years ago the storyteller and actor sent a public message via Twitter to the German actor Kida Ramadan, expressing his love for the character in 4 Blocks.

Congratulations, wrote Gervais, Another masterpiece.

Ramadan and Gervais are in a way of reviving life, in which they will appear fictional versions of themselves in Greenlight German Genius, in the first film that is designed by Raman, who has urged Gerviis to let him make upcoming German adaptation of Extras with the comedian sending he praising Ram's performance in 4 Blocks.

While he tries to navigate the choppy waters of the German television industry, Ramadan is a stumbling block. However, if naive, the international celebrities in Germany dont exist to comeo in the adaptation.

Among the characters in the series will be Detlev Buck, Frederick Lau, Tom Schilling, Veysel Gelin, Olli Schulz, Heike Makatsch, Sascha Gerak, Katrin Bauerfeind, Britta Hammelstein, Christina Groe, Trystan Putter, Wim Wenders, Volker Schlondorff, Leander Haumann, Thorsten Merten, Anne Ratte Polle. Kathrine Angerer, Marc Hose

The film "Greenlight German Genius" is produced by Warner TV Comedy and W&B Television in collaboration with CAB Film, Macadamia & Mothermilk and in partnership with BBC Studios Germany and Studio Babelsberg.

With Kaya and Buck directing, the scripts were written by Detlev Buck, Cuneyt Kayana, Constantin Lieb and Seraina Nyikos.

The slang in the TV original, a remarkable cast of the renowned musicians has attracted the crowd, has said in an interview with an expert who believes in transforming the German media landscape and extending its own origins. "Sicky Gervais' tweet did happen and ultimately pushed the idea of that series and finally led to the mockumentary Other Parents and the Dere Eltern. It has been amazingly successful, so it has become clearer and more mature as this

Imagination of the real life of a thoroughly self-reflective lead actor, Kida Ramadan based on the very real and selfreflectionous of children, - which is slived by the author of "By the Man" notwithstanding the enduring success of its ego-like antagonist, and revolved in the film The Man of Awakening 'Naive', the story of Ramata, in the long-

Berg, Max Wiedemann, Angelique Kommer, Detlev Buck, Cuneyt Kaya, and Kida Ramadan produce alongside Hannes Heyelmann and Greifeneder for Warner TV Comedy.