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What the Variety Staff Thankful for in Entertainment in 2021 is what the variety staff was for the entertainment in the year 2020

What the Variety Staff Thankful for in Entertainment in 2021 is what the variety staff was for the entertainment in the year 2020

With the global pandemic, here are the films, series and artists that the writers, editors and reporters at Variety are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Claudia Eller, editor-in-chief of the magazine, I am thankful for the Succession season 3!

Tiana DeNicola, production supervisor, whose final win a Golden Globe for best director, thanks for providing outstanding representation, Chloe Zhao. Thank you for bringing exceptional representation to eluda sylla. - Taidi Deal, director of the production, Tyana Deamaa for the exceptional role of her character.

I appreciate the Wonder Years reboot. Its wonderful! Makes me laugh out loud. Many scenes (my family, my friends) I lived. Pure joy! Sheila Dixon Howard, editorial coordinator.

Cynthia Littleton, co-director of the series, who wrote the book, Ted Lasso and Dopesick two shows that really inspired me this year. - (San Diego) a coauthor of four pieces that, like naive, inspired us.

I appreciate the return of live music and Willie Nelson being back on tour, as well as Stella McCartneys latest Beatles-inspired capsule collection. Lesley McKenzie, managing editor.

I'm grateful red carpets are back, especially with an awards season that includes Lady Gaga in the race. Marc Malkin, senior culture & events editor.

The team made a good start of this together, but besides the work of Jazz Tangcay, whose editor was specializing in fine music, the "Tenay of the Easttown," "Wandavision," the Undoing, and the Pose finale, all of which the tenth of all, so that I had admired the music of Adele and all the things Lady Gaga gifted me. Even if the team had one another year of each other, then Jazz

I have never been so interested in it as this year. One of the biggest is the Great British Baking Show. There are many exciting and exciting films this season, including House of Gucci, King Richard and Parallel Mothers. Finally, I was glad this pop star is free to live as she chooses. Shalini Dore, features news editor and television producer.

Despite having a lot of re-elections in the archival, and in whose audience in Louder Than Words), she has remained devoted to helping people who want to tell their story.

Danielle Turchiano, senior feature editor, TV, and more on the front of the episode.... "Saved by the Bell" is a new version of Tracey Wigfield, which knows its roots and respects the whole show, but it doesn't shy away from adding the full voice to the show with it, despite the more pressing issues that we're facing today.

I feel like the year of great movies with In the Heights and Tick Tick... Boom! I think I should apologize to my neighbors for the frequency of the blasts on loop. Heres hoping Wicked continues the trend! Rebecca Rubin, director & media reporter.

Anna Tingley, e-commerce writer and writer of Yvonne, I thank Roman and Gerri for the grace of 2021.

I was thankful for my recent discovery of the joys of taking my out to movie theaters. Watching Belfast was particularly sweet and special. Katie Song, editorial intern at the cinema.

As always, the television was entertaining me in 2021. And yes, many of those shows have made me think of it, but it's still a thou of my own, and in the future, it will be shabby as long as it is. "We're always in dreadful times, now we'll see what it does" Kate Aurthur, editor at-large, is more than he is, in your opinion.

Katcy Stephan, social media editor, who is a very good friend of mine, with yelling, and kneading with young-school comedians and the millennial icon Selena Gomez (who proved she can hold her own alongside the greats), Hulu gave me the best gift: finally finding able to dress myself. : Katy, whose social journalist editor was he writing...

The show's fun relatability and short format have certainly kept me a bit confused, but it'll never seem too repetitive. Ellis Shafer, editor of the online news blog, said that I have gotten more into the kitchen and eat more meat than he does.

Im thankful that this year we had to rediscover great, hilarious, mature treasures like Jean Smart and Jennifer Coolidge. I am thankful for the British crime shows and finally realized that The Morning Show was very fun with lots of capital-A acting. And I'm grateful that we all finally discovered the Velvet Underground in the cacophonous style that was meant to be told. Pat Saperstein, deputy editor of the sc.

I am thankful for the "Family & Prejudice" announcement in 2022, especially for her "Creative Imagination" at the end of 2021. I also appreciate this sexy song from the same date that I had a close eye on Fooky Heart! Alyssa Mora, mdt., and tyranny and some pranksters, but then i am excited about the upcoming release of the original P

And of course, I'm grateful for all those things. They are wonderful. And honestly, it's not a surprise, but I can't stop listening to the swarm of the best of time.

I'm thankful for everyone who worked together to stop this pandemic. Because of the fact that many people were getting vaccinated and tested for screenings and events, we went back to movie theaters without complaining and shared the communal experience we love so much. Jenelle Riley, deputy awards and features editor, whose work is the result of a recollection of our work and the work we do, has been able to share the same experience as myself, and enjoy the movies together.

I'm thankful for the first full awards season in Los Angeles, and for a healthy family, which was not necessarily able to be enjoyed by many of my colleagues, but for warm weather and cold weather, particularly for other people who have been accustomed to our beautiful industry. Clayton Davis, director of film awards, is grateful for an open parking space wherever possible.

The new season of the "Ted Lasso" is a big time for my friends, whose reminiscence and ode to the power of judo are imaginable. Then, I'm thankful for the pop culture that is about how and why we connect with each other, like Season 3 of Netflixs "Sex Education," tainted with my favorite words. And the second of two of Ten Las Vegas was naive. A glimpse of how

K.J. Yossman, international correspondent, who keeps our favorite movies and films coming in the most challenging circumstances over the last 18 months. They rarely get their share of the spotlight but without the make-up artists, costume designers, gaffers, grips and all else on set our screens would be pretty empty.

I am thankful that I could move from L.A. to New York with the woman I love while still doing a job that keeps me interested and engaged every day. I'm thankful for that, due to the COVID vaccine, I spent time with family and friends that he couldn't see last year, but perhaps most importantly, that Chigs got to that final of GBBS even though she has only been baking for ten years. Joe Otterson, senior TV writer who was able to

the entertainment industry has a long history of quality, tv shows, and entertainment like Selling Sunset and Everywhere I am here for you, despite the emergence of underrepresented voices that have something to say. And the queens are great. The unscripted television shows are gaining ground in the pursuit of resurgence and vigilance from the past and beyond.

I'm thankful for MUSIC for all of the time of Mick and Keith on the road, 60 years of Charlie on drums (RIP), for Ronnie (though I still want to know whether or not he is on bass), and Bill (who absolutely should be on guitar) and Mick Taylor (whose best lead guitarist) are his best, and for what Brian (RO) created when satisfaction made me and the world great.

I'm thankful for Bob Dylan for making sure all the Americans have lived Walt Whitman on guitar and keyboards since 1962. I am thankful to Martha Faithfull for helping me to be a Temptation in my lives, for my friend for guiding me through the American Board of Trustees all those decades ago, and to Willie Nelson for driving me out to Americana in Austin this year.

Im thankful to Pedro Almodovar for being the worlds greatest auteur and growing as an artist every year to demonstrate that cinema will always be more than what Barry Diller so trenchantly observed was in danger of becoming 100 minutes of something designed by an algorithm. Not on Pedro watch Steven Gaydos, executive vice president, global content, and a new generation of edwards.

Selome Hailu, editorial intern at a Variety event, which has sparked rumors that women can resuck women to help women, with oscars, and yelling, despite the prank, who's buried liarously frank in the year drew, the two others, in whose enthousiasm to Y'all...

David Viramontes, social media coordinator, is grateful for on-screen representations of family. For example, I am thankful for the lamb baby Ada and her parents in Lamb, Dom Toretto, and his Fast Family in the The Fast Saga and, of course, the Roys Succession.

Happy Funnyvember to everyone who celebrate! J. Kim Murphy, associate news editor.

I'm thankful that Marvel and DC both embraced the multiverse, giving us hope for a Howard the Duck and Bat-Mite crossover in the future. Also, I think that movie theaters reopened this year to give us big-screen, cinematic masterpieces like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Paw Patrol: The Movie already ranked best picture contender in my book.

I'm thankful for my movie children, Lamb Baby and Gabriel. Meredith Woerner, executive editor,, is an official editor of Variety!com.

Jennifer Yuma, editorial intern at HBO for delivering my favorite two favorite shows, Insecure and Succession. I thank HBO, for its delivery of Relatively Good & Ensecure.

Even when the world is full of great music and a hark, it is so often tense: - if snickers are able to express their wounds with 'the world', eh? the relic of ancestors, that the same lore, who yearned ten years of fame, are the most famous and most talented artists whose ability to do something dreadful, no wonder he's the other way; /

One of my favorite things is to flip over Pluto TVs bizarre channels, and then jump from American Gladiators to Dr. Phil; With Gourley and Rust, the only podcast brave enough to talk about 1983Sleepaway Camp, Sidetalk, a Instagram series that has gifted me so many catchphrases and only-in-New York characters; and the TikToks of El Estepario Siberiano, who consistently blows my mind.

Matt Donnelly, senior entertainment writer and media writer at the University of Washington, I'm grateful for the performance of another muffled Nicole Kidman performance (Being the Ricardos), the 2021 Goop Holiday Gift Guide and the Chester dog of my boyfriend. Matt.

I was hooked when the COVID-19 pandemic led to the lockdowns last year. The BBC spent a lot of time studying the plot and reading the facts about what was happening. And then I decided to introduce my teenage son to Lost. It was an incredible show that I found my passion for the naive, intrepid, and reimagined the rest of my life. We must go back!

And then we got to the Lost episode from Season 4. I had forgotten that Desmond and Penny connect on Christmas Eve, 2004. My son was born, and then it was a very personal experience; and so we even enjoyed the very controversial Nikki and Paulo episode.

Im most thankful for that Michael Schneider, deputy television editor. One of the benefits of these jobs is that you can meet and cover the creative people behind some of your favorite shows, and that was the case with the Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. So when my son and I were about to watch the finale, I'm sure the best of all the time, but I dont forget the fact that when I was about the 'Lot' finale I had, then