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Director Sandrine Kiberlain Wrings Tension From Joy With 'A Radiant Girl

Director Sandrine Kiberlain Wrings Tension From Joy With 'A Radiant Girl

The film will be shown at Torino Film Festival next year. The movie is known for its famous stalwarts in the French film industry, Sandrine Kiberlain is the director of A Radiant Girl. After starting her directorial debut last July, the film is slated for release at the Cannes Film Show in July.

As far as the film goes, the bittersweet ending of the smugly era, which is accompanied by a Jewish girl, Irene (Rebecca Marder), in which she prepares for an entrance exam, elides at no point does the protagonist speak the words Vichy, Nazi or Occupation. And the filmmaker explains that, that was precisely the point.

We know what happened, we know how things got into shape, so it was enough to live in that period, Kiberlain tells Variety. Wow, you can wring in a moment of joy incredible tension.

Once I stumbled upon the idea of a strong and wilful 19-year-old girl, I realized that as he embraced the spirit of her, i realized if I had realized the horrors of what was going to come by showing all that she would lose.

The filmmaker grants, whose job was to find the right balance with moments of levity and youthful abandon as elements of negative space - presented a particular challenge.

The character is young, impassioned and full of life, so I thought of the film as pages from a diary that moves along with her, as well as the dangers and eras of it's repercussions. Despite the bad news, the characters can only do anything else but bear it.

The filmmaker and her team pushed back in a way that aimed at determining the inner life of teens, whereas the filmmaker defended themselves against having too many period trappings and dropped countless contemporary musical cues even as they were situated at the historical moment that the narrative was situated in an precisely specific moment.

I wanted the film to back to the time we live in. The heroine had to be very contemporary, so young people could say to themselves that could be me. That could have someone who goes to The Bataclan and doesn't come out.

Kiberlain will co-star in an upcoming police thriller about Paris attacks. It's just one of five projects she has coming down the pike, as she'll approach future directorial outings on a more deliberate timeline.

I'm very attached. I would love to make a first film, but I won't be able to see the movie as it has to be. If it's crucial, it must be necessary, I should have 100% success.