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Nippon TV Internet Suspense Drama 'Guilty Flag Scripted Format at ATF - NS-TV

Nippon TV Internet Suspense Drama 'Guilty Flag Scripted Format at ATF - NS-TV

The Japan reprint of the Japanese Japanese anime series Guilty Flag is being launched at Asian Television Forum next week, as a scripted format for Nippon Television.

The police and everyone watching this case are focusing on the problem, as soon as he sees the culprit, in the pursuit of a new discovery. The smugglers resent his illustrious wife and kids.

This project was created by the team that previously hatched the hit suspense drama Your Turn to Kill and conceptualized by Akimoto Yasushi. It began to air in Japan from October on Nippon TV and impressed with children, teens, and the 20-to-34 years age group.

I am convinced that this is the perfect drama series for those of us living in this age, said Nishiyama Mikiko, MD of international business development at Nippon TV.

The Guilty Flag has gone viral on social media, where viewers can speculate on the true culprit every time it airs on Sundays here in Japan. All the way to the end of the 20 episodes there is a clue to their truth.

Nippon TV unveils Guilty Flag at the Treasure Box Japan, an online event that introduces the latest Japanese content at this years ATF.

The company has a strong track record selling its shows as formats. It was behind the success of the award-winning business survival show Dragons Den and Shark Tank which has 45 versions in 186 territories. This is the first for tv shows from Japan, as well as gameshow and the Mute It! series, and and so on.