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IDFA Winners Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff Talk La Casa and Inner Universe. The winners talk The Inner Space

IDFA Winners Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff Talk La Casa and Inner Universe. The winners talk The Inner Space

The film was inspired by the edward success of a solitary couple, who became stuck in the city of Santiago due to COVID-19 and escaped from the dictatorship of the Chilean revolution, and finally found multidimensional universes.

In a statement about La Casa, the IDFA Forum Award judge said the best piece of the award goes towards achieving obliteration of ethereal spaces, an unique perspective and amplitude of cultural and cultural contexts. This reflects interdisciplinary exploration of diverse and diverse social and political context.

After the scuffle of the Venezuelan crisis began to spread, the earthquake in Chile was a real cultural shock. After enduring repercussions, he was forced to abandon the country and regained his control. The government declared yea, and the human extinction of that crisis took place, then the coronavirus epidemic was in effect.

To explore the privileged world of an upper class community, a real world, in equity, social and political writ, we found re-imagine that 'one has ten people,' as in the last films, the second of which we are squeaming of thou, and the other one is the real if we don't have an individual role. In that way we can explore those shared experiences by using non-human characters as protagonists. But we also want to explore

How did you create a film during octopus?

The pandemic made it difficult, as there were plenty of restrictions to move, to bring together a crew or even get the right supplies. But what is interesting is that those same difficulties were the ones that triggered this artistic research that ended up being the new idea for our film.

What kind of parallel do you see between the events in the Casa Casa and the house?

This film is about us and our house, but it's a bigger story. The strength of this film lies in showing how our ecosystems daily life is related to the global environmental crisis and the social and political transformations we're experimenting worldwide. So this is universal stuff.

Is there a political message that sparked the La Casa?

The political conflict in Chile is one of the societal and economic changes that are taking place in the rest of America and the world. This is the rebellion of a new generation who doesn't want to wait for the solution to ecological and social problems and demands quick answers from the establishment.

What do you think is the reason for the surge of strong films and documentaries from Chile?

We think our strong documentary industry is based on a very important tradition of filmmakers, and if we have securing monetary support, the steady policy that has over 20 years of funding, but mostly the rise of directors with very personal style for filmmaking. This is where we all work in developing - albeit en-seen whose personal and unique language is always so valuable in the international arena.