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The 5 Top 5 Ways to Make the Oscars Great Again (Column) Have The Best 5 - Make The Oscar Remarkable Again!

The 5 Top 5 Ways to Make the Oscars Great Again (Column) Have The Best 5 - Make The Oscar Remarkable Again!

The Oscars are in a huge public eye. The good news is that there isn't anywhere to go but up.

The Academy can restore its image with Will Packer producing the show and a wide-open race. There are great films running for the top prize, and still the consensus is that there isn't much to be excited about yet there's no more room for people to look forward to the March event. But with putting in the production of the film and the wide open race, the Academy will regain its reputation.

The movie theaters are flooded with Q&As, mixers and premieres from the phase one period, which has been littered with a swarm of entrants such as Like the Moon and The Light of the Dog among many other bands, as well as the upcoming anniversaries, such ten years ago. Among the four most popular films, the movie Behaviour was the success of two films.

Those films can only depend on their celebrities.

Now how do you get viewers to watch the television? Here are some recommendations: Why should you not allow viewers not to listen to the broadcast?

As long as a 93-year-old, it was as usual, but AMPAS has never swung its doors, ignored the consumer-changing landscape, and reacted with ambiguous behavior of its own holder.

That goes for everyone: networks, studios, broadcast, cable and streamers. The times are changing and the way everyone consumes content has changed. TikTok is now a new game, and will be the first to submit for the Emmys in the future. Find the ways to reach out to your built-in fanbase, but expand on it.

The Gotham Awards announced nongendered acting categories this year. Since the industry is not yet equal, we don't want to set them up for failure. Instead, add a fifth category that could be called best performance by any gender or manual if they choose, but not both. Come educate and educate the world about the beauty of its people.

The Academy has tried to get the blockbusters to the theater, while allowing them to give the public a "best popular film" award. You should be able to ask, for example, whether you are expecting or not to see such sexy performances as if they were to. Do you want to know what the latter prize gives you? The "seas of the ten rings" are largely re-doing the show with the movie? I want the audience to listen to and sing

The greatest stars in Hollywood, such as Tony Goas or Bob Hope, are the most recognizable ones. If you try to turn up your best ego and be successful, you can either go on, and go home. In the meantime, we reappear for the biggest players, so we're able to get some of these tv personalities into reality.

I want to take the aforementioned parts of the awards show, especially when the pandemic is brewing. The Academy should take elements of an award-winning show in limbo to help the quest for shortened run time.

Did anyone remember the slurring at the Golden Globes with shoes in hand?

The celebration of movies is paramount. Revel in the achievements of the year's films while not afraid to look back. The Oscar winning story was presented at the 2003 ceremony. It was incredible and ripe for repetition.

Or go back 20 years to Denzel Washington and Halle Berry both contenders this year - winning their lead statuettes, a revered moment.

You love movies, show us.

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