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The Asian American Comic Book of Red 5 Comic-Con (EXCLUSIVE) is to be published by Red & Red

The Asian American Comic Book of Red 5  Comic-Con (EXCLUSIVE) is to be published by Red & Red

Red 5 Comics has agreed to publish the book Mystery Brothers for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), hatched by Quentin Lee (White Frog) Friday at the 2021 Special Edition of San Diego Comic-Con.

The Daily Telegraph will publish the first novel, The Secret Diary of Edward Ng, in the fall of next week, on Cyber Monday.

The deal deals see Red 5, known for its work with Amazon's Comixology platform, acquire global publishing rights. Lee'' Margin Films retains all media rights to the property.

Two Chinese American half-brothers, who have been fighting to protect their parents and protect humanity from a robot dominance future. This is the science fiction universe about the 13-year-old Chinese one of whom is completely human battling to regain their own power and defend their future against eminence.

In a new collaboration with the Argentinian artist Elis Zill, Lee and the artist wrote the words, while Zil hatched the pictures. Zile is represented by the Argentina Altercomics Studio.

When Quentin brought Mystery Brothers to us, we immediately knew it fit with our mission to deliver a fun story, said Scott Chitwood, Red 5. Mystey brothers bring back nostalgic memories for the 80s when kids are faced with extraordinary situations with repercussions, with an twist twist.

Red 5 produces a combination of purely creative and internally developed titles, and recently optioned titles Afterburn, Haunted, Riptide and Spook.

Mystery Brothers is expected to debut in July of 2022 with an exclusive edition at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Concurrently, Margin Films is in final negotiations with Spores Network to distribute non-fungible tokens of mysteries in synch with its publication schedule.

NFTs are authenticated digital assets that can be traded and tracked with blockchain, but not copied, and have caused the art world by storm. However, unlike many real-world art projects, NTFs generate extra revenue each time they are bought and sold.

Spores, a metaverse media company that is founded in Vietnam and used the NFT marketplaces and games publishing platforms to empower content creators in the entertainment, games and entertainment sectors.

Lee was born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada and educated in the U.S. at Yale and UCLA. Lee is also a member of the Canadian Media Producers Association. He is currently writing about the last year of Nathan Lee.

I'm thrilled to work with Red 5 on my second comic book and enjoy working with Elis Zill as the co-creator, said Lee. While I've been enjoying working together on the NFT side of the property, I am grateful for Allen Dam, a veteran producer, for brokering the deal with Spores Network.

Whether it be a merchandizing or marketing, that person will tell the story we want to support, said Duc Luu, director of Spores.