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Boris Johnson said he was on the brink of death in a hospital

Boris Johnson said he was on the brink of death in a hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he was close to death while in intensive care with a new coronavirus. A video message from Johnston, who was released from the hospital appeared on his official Twitter page on Sunday.

"Today I left the hospital after spending a week there, during which the national health system staff undoubtedly saved my life," the Prime Minister said, admitting that for 48 hours his condition remained severe and "the outcome was unpredictable."

Johnson expressed gratitude to all the British doctors who are now taking care of people in hospitals in the United Kingdom and listed by name the doctors and nurses who helped him. The Prime Minister looks noticeably better than in the last video, which he posted shortly before being hospitalized, but still speaks in a hoarse voice. At the insistence of doctors, the head of the Cabinet has not yet returned to work. He continues to be replaced by foreign Minister Dominic Raab.

"We will win because our national health system is the living, throbbing heart of the state. It embodies the best that is in this country, " Johnson said.

The Prime Minister congratulated the British people on the Easter holiday, which is celebrated this Sunday by Protestants and Catholics, and again reminded citizens of the need to observe the quarantine regime introduced in the country almost three weeks ago.

The 55-year-old Prime Minister was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection on March 26. He continued to lead the country, self-isolating in his residence, but on April 5 was taken to a London hospital for tests, as he had a high temperature for more than 10 days. On April 6, in the evening, the Prime Minister was transferred to the intensive care unit due to poor health.he spent three days there. On April 9, Johnson was moved back to the regular ward as he was getting better, and was released on Sunday morning.