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France Extended The Quarantine For Another Month

France Extended The Quarantine For Another Month

French President Emmanuel Macron extended the restrictive measures imposed in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic until May 11. The head of the Fifth Republic announced such news on TV at 20:02 (21:02 GMT) immediately after the traditional applause that the French from balconies and open Windows thank medical workers every evening.

According to the President, although the situation remains difficult, "the measures taken to combat the epidemic are yielding results, and the spread of the new coronavirus in France has slowed down."

At the same time, he stressed that "we must continue our efforts and follow the rules introduced." Emmanuel Macron said that starting from May 11, kindergartens and schools will be opened, which means that 12 million students will be able to sit at their desks again.

As for higher education institutions, they will start functioning in the first days of June.

However, the French President said that the removal of quarantine measures will take place in stages, which means that restaurants, cafes, hotels, theaters will remain closed after May 11 until a special order. All major events, such as music festivals, will not be held until at least mid-July.

Emmanuel Macron also said that France's borders will remain closed to all "non-European countries".