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Ghosts To Maintain Quarantine Appeared In Indonesia

Ghosts To Maintain Quarantine Appeared In Indonesia

The authorities decided to strengthen the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the village of Kepuh on the island of Java. Volunteers dress up as ghosts that are supposed to scare people.

The ghostly figures, known in local folklore as "Pokong," are wrapped in sheets with a small slit for the eyes, which are circled with charcoal. To enhance the effect, the face is sprinkled with a white shiny powder. Spirits denote the captured souls of the dead and threaten to take unconscious citizens with them. Some ghosts use scooters to patrol.

However, it seems that the idea did not work properly. The spirits did not drive people off the streets, on the Contrary, citizens gather in companies to watch free performance. Many people do not want to get involved with the other world and prefer to stay at home. "Parents and children have not left their homes since the appearance of the patrols," Karno Supadmo, a spokesman for the administration, summed up the raids.

Meanwhile, 4241 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered in Indonesia, and 333 people have died from the disease.