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Greenland Became The First Place Managed To Defeat The Coronavirus

Greenland Became The First Place Managed To Defeat The Coronavirus

The recovery of the last resident charged with coronavirus was reported in Greenland. In total, 11 people were sick in the country, and all in the capital Nuuk.

On one of the resources, Worldometer, which records all the data on the incidence of coronavirus in the world in a special table, the only line in green is the Autonomous territory of Denmark, Greenland. The first of eleven cases of COVID-19 infection on the world's largest island with a population of about 56 thousand people was recorded on March 16. But if this is a small number for large countries, it was a real danger for Greenland because of the long distances and weak health care system.

"Our ability to cope with respiratory failure is very limited. If the system is overloaded with patients in serious condition, many of those who could have been saved will die, " said Greenland's health Minister Rosing Olsen, quoted by EUobserver.

Therefore, the government led by Prime Minister Kim Kielsen took urgent measures to limit the spread of infection. Since all cases of infection were recorded in the capital of Nuuk island, the city was closed to entry and exit, residents were ordered to restrict movement around the city and contacts.

In addition, a ban on the sale of alcohol was introduced to avoid the growth of aggression in families. "The reason for this decision is to take care of children who should be safe at home," explained Kilsen, quoted by the European news portal Euraktiv.

In addition to isolation, the authorities resorted to the tactic of conducting tests for coronavirus. The difficulty was that even the 770 samples that were taken could not be tested in Greenland - there are no properly equipped laboratories there. Denmark has helped solve this problem since the island's residents have the right to use the Danish health system.

To quickly send samples to Copenhagen and get the necessary medical equipment from there, a special air corridor was created. Since the flight between the two capitals takes about 8 hours, it was decided to allocate two planes that simultaneously started from Nuuk and Copenhagen, landed halfway - in Iceland-and exchanged cargo. It is thanks to a good organization that Greenland celebrates its victory. The test for the coronavirus of the last patient showed a negative result.