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The New York Times Linked The Coronavirus Outbreak In The United States To Putin

The New York Times Linked The Coronavirus Outbreak In The United States To Putin

The New York Times (NYT) published an article written by science journalist William J. Broad, who linked the coronavirus outbreak in the United States to a campaign aimed at the collapse of American health care, which is allegedly backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The material is published on the publication's website.

The newspaper claims that Putin "played a key role in spreading false information" about diseases and epidemics — "this was part of his broader plan to discredit the West and destroy the enemy from within." The author came to this conclusion after studying interviews, scientific articles, news reports, documents in Russian, Twitter posts and TV shows.

The arguments include responses and excerpts from TV shows, as well as comments from US officials who said that Russia has mobilized online bots to spread conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. As an example, there is an account in the social network, which on February 3 republished an American blog that the coronavirus is a bioweapon created to damage the human body with a subsequent fatal outcome.

According to experts interviewed by the NYT, such false statements appeared first in the media, and later on the Internet and in previous years, but related to other diseases, including SARS, AIDS, and Ebola.

The main motive of the publications is that the American authorities hide real information about the danger of the disease, as well as their involvement in its creation or distribution. Another motive is a call not to vaccinate children and adults because of the dangerous effect on humans.

The goal of Moscow, NYT experts believe — is to show that American officials downplay the real danger to health and thus pose a serious threat to the security of the country's population. Thus, it is noted that US health care workers are regularly called fraudsters and their statements are false. According to analysts, Putin also seeks to harm American science, the "basis of national prosperity" of the United States.

Over the past few years, a regularly discussed topic in the American media has been the influence of Russia and Vladimir Putin on US politics. Initially, since the end of 2016, it concerned Moscow's interference in the presidential election. Currently, journalists, among others, continue to discuss possible cooperation between U.S. President Donald Trump and the Republican party with Moscow. Russia denies these charges.