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Apple Opens Access To Mobility Data To Assist Amid The Pandemic

Apple Opens Access To Mobility Data To Assist Amid The Pandemic

The company generates statistics on the movement of residents by private and public transport to help the authorities track the dynamics of movement.

Apple has opened up access to the statistics of its maps on the movement of users to help authorities cope with the spread of the virus. The company announced this news on its website.

Available statistics include data on the number of trips on foot, car rides, and public transport. The service collects information about the number of requests for routing, compares it with previously collected data, and calculates the overall dynamics of user movement.

Such statistics will help local and health authorities make the necessary decisions to protect the most vulnerable groups of the population, the report says.

You can view the statistics on a special website with data on 63 countries and regions. Apple has been tracking changes in user behavior since January 13, 2020. Apple notes that innovations will not harm user privacy.

Last week, Apple and Google announced the creation of technology that will help track the contacts of users infected with the virus. It is expected that patients will add information about their infection to apps so that those with whom they have been in close contact can find out about it.

In addition, Singapore has developed and launched a similar app that collects statistics of close contacts of each user. In the case of coronavirus infection, the user can quickly restore who they have been communicating with recently.