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Google Revived FTP Support In Chrome

Google Revived FTP Support In Chrome

Only a few days have passed since the Chrome browser disabled support for the FTP Protocol, as the developers announced its return. Google explains this step as a desire to support users who should have stable access to information during the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, in the current Chrome 81, support for the FTP Protocol has been restored.

Google Chrome developers started talking about their intention to remove FTP support in Chrome back in 2014. This was because no more than 2% of browser users used the FTP protocol. Officially, the plan to abandon FTP appeared in 2018.

With the introduction of the stable version of Chrome 80, the process of rejecting FTP continued, as developers added the chrome parameter://flags/#enable-FTP to the browser, which determines whether the protocol support is enabled or not.

At the same time, an experiment was conducted upon 1 % of the Chrome user base, which automatically disabled the ability to use an FTP connection to upload and download data.

In Chrome 81 released last week, FTP support is already disabled by default. In the next stable version of the browser, the developers intend to completely remove references to FTP from the code.

It is worth noting that a couple of days after the release of Chrome 81, one of the Google developers announced on the support forum that the company intends to temporarily restore the ability to use FTP for users to get stable access to information in the current crisis caused by the coronavirus. Obviously, Google has not given up on plans to remove FTP support from Chrome, but has decided to temporarily postpone this issue.