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Germany Is About To Cancel Oktoberfest Due To Covid-19

Germany Is About To Cancel Oktoberfest Due To Covid-19

This has never happened in the post-war history of Germany. This fall, the country may be left without the main folk festival - Oktoberfest, known as the most popular folk festival in the world. As stated by the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Zeder, who is considered the toughest of the regional leaders in the fight against coronavirus, he can not imagine a situation in which such a mass event can take place. Although it is known to bring considerable revenue to the local budget.

"I am very, very skeptical," Zeder frankly admitted in an interview with Bavarian radio. However, the official decision will be made within a couple of weeks, after consultation with the City Council of Munich. Recall that the day before the government announced that all mass events in Germany will remain banned until August 31. So the question of Oktoberfest, which traditionally begins at the end of September, suggested itself.

Earlier, Merkel announced a partial easing of the quarantine measures, which, however, will be extended until at least May 3. At the same time, in same Bavaria, school classes will start a week later than in other regions (however, the Prime Minister promised that no one will stay for the second year because of the coronavirus, and school exams will be held in normal, not emergency mode). Besides, Zeder urged not to expect the opening of restaurants and pubs soon.

By the way, in the history of Oktoberfest, which appeared at the beginning of the XIX century, there were exceptional periods when it was held. First of all, it is, of course, the First and Second world wars. Also, due to cholera epidemics, the holiday was canceled in 1854 and 1873.