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A Virtual Tour To The Tombs Of The Valley Of The Kings Launched In Egypt

A Virtual Tour To The Tombs Of The Valley Of The Kings Launched In Egypt

Burial rituals, Royal tombs, funeral cults - all these, it would seem, are not the most uplifting topics against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.

However, Egypt decided to keep up with other countries that have opened virtual access to their museums and launched a tour to the famous tombs in the Valley of the kings, where the rulers of the greatest power of antiquity were posthumously self-isolated.

To see what is inside, just follow the link on the page of the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities in social networks.

Among the objects included in the project was the famous tomb of the pharaohs Ramses V and Ramses VI in Luxor with its bas-reliefs and paintings on the walls and even on the ceiling, symbolizing the journey of souls through the Land of the dead, and with unique engineering structures that can now be viewed in a 3D format without leaving the house.

Other necropolises have also opened their vaults for virtual visits, including the tomb of Queen Meresanch III at Giza and the tomb of Menna, a noble scribe of the Middle Kingdom era, located in the Theban Valley of the nobles.

Besides, you can visit the Red monastery - one of the most famous Christian monasteries in Egypt and see some other religious monuments. Links to all online tours are supplemented with the hashtag "stay at home" - of course, until better times.