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A 700-Kilogram Cocaine Cargo Was Arrested In Japan

A 700-Kilogram Cocaine Cargo Was Arrested In Japan

Japanese law enforcement officers prevented an attempt to import the largest batch of cocaine with a total weight of about 700 kilograms into the country.

Customs officials found drugs on one of the ships docked in the port city of Yokohama South of Tokyo, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported, citing its sources.

The powder was Packed in banana boxes and hidden in shipping containers. The cost of the party on the "black market" is estimated at approx. 14 billion yen (130 million US dollars).

Currently, local police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. Members of the crew of the ship on which the drugs were found deny any involvement in the crime. Influential representatives of the drug business may be involved in the case.

It's worth noting that in October last year, Japanese police detained a 400-kilogram consignment of cocaine in the city of Kobe in the West of the country.