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At Least 668 Infected Sailors Were Among The Crew Members Of The "Charles De Gaulle" Aircraft Carrier

At Least 668 Infected Sailors Were Among The Crew Members Of The "Charles De Gaulle" Aircraft Carrier

Paris is in shock: a third of the crew of the only French aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" is infected with the coronavirus. This news was announced in an official communique by the Ministry of Defense.

It follows that 1,767 crew members were tested, where 668 of them were infected with COVID-19. 31 sailors were placed in the Saint Anne Hospital in the port city of Toulon, where the French Navy's naval base is located, and where the aircraft carrier arrived the day before. And one of them in a serious condition had to be sent to the intensive care unit. However, this is not the final result, and the number of infected people may be even higher since the results of tests of 30 percent of those tested are still unknown.

As for the rest, they will have to spend 14 days in quarantine in one of the buildings that are located on the territory of the Toulon naval base.

How could such an extraordinary emergency happen to the flagship of the French Navy? This is a question that is being asked by the French and, of course, by the top leadership at the Elysee Palace. The military Department and, first of all, the Navy command will have to respond to it in the next few days. The chief of staff of the French Navy Admiral Christophe Prazuck has already appointed an internal investigation.

It's clear now that the first cases of coronavirus were detected on Board the aircraft carrier in early April. At that time, along with several other warships of European NATO countries, it took part in the Foch training maneuvers in the North Atlantic. At first, doctors took the malaise of some sailors for seasonal flu. However, tests sent to the mainland showed that it was a coronavirus.

The infection could have got to the ship during a scheduled call at the port of Brest on the Atlantic coast of France. Many of the sailors took advantage of the Parking lot to get their furloughs and visit the bars and restaurants there, which were still open at the time due to the epidemic. Moreover, according to some reports, the team was replenished with newcomers.