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Japan Has Protested To China Over Naming A Section Of The Bottom Off The Senkaku Islands

Japan Has Protested To China Over Naming A Section Of The Bottom Off The Senkaku Islands

Japan has protested to China over naming a section of the bottom of the Senkaku Islands.

The government of Japan protested to the Chinese authorities in connection with Beijing's naming of 50 places on the seafloor of the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu) in the East China Sea, which China considers its illegally occupied territories. This was announced on Thursday at a press conference in Tokyo by the General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers, Yoshihide Suga.

"The Senkaku Islands are our territory both historically and in accordance with international law, and naming [China] a section of the seafloor in their area will not change that," he said. Suga also stressed that Japan "expressed a severe protest to the Chinese side through diplomatic channels" in connection with the incident.

On June 22, the Kyodo News Agency, citing the Japanese Maritime security administration, reported that China's guard ships have been in the Senkaku Islands for a record-long time. According to the Department, Chinese guards have been present there for 70 days.

The uninhabited Senkaku range, along with the island of Taiwan, was annexed to Japan in 1895 after its victory in the war with Imperial China. After its defeat in world war II, Tokyo relinquished its rights to Taiwan. Beijing demands that it do the same for the Senkaku. However, the Japanese government claims that the Islands were not annexed as a result of war, but on legal grounds, since at the end of the XIX century they were uninhabited and did not belong to anyone. For a long time, these Islands were privately owned by a wealthy Japanese family. However, in September 2012, Tokyo bought them out and nationalized them, which caused sharp protests in Beijing. Since then, Chinese guard ships have constantly displayed the flag of the people's Republic of China near the Islands, which has led to dangerous incidents with Japanese patrol ships on several occasions.