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The Eiffel Tower Reopens In Paris After Three Months Of Closure

The Eiffel Tower Reopens In Paris After Three Months Of Closure

One of the main attractions of Paris, the Eiffel tower, resumes its work, on Thursday, June 25, after about three months of closure due to restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

"There are sanitary measures in place, including mandatory wearing of masks," the site of the attraction says in a statement. You can visit the tower from 10:00 local time. However, you can only go up to the second floor of the building on foot by steps. The elevators to the top floor will remain closed until July 1.

Also, according to a message published on the tower's website, employees clean and disinfect the attraction daily and floor signs are also posted about the need to observe the social distance.

Earlier, museums in France, as part of a relaxation of restrictive measures introduced in March to combat the coronavirus, were allowed to gradually open from mid-June.

The Palace of Versailles has already begun to receive visitors, the Louvre in Paris will start working on July 6, and the Orsay Museum opened its doors to visitors on June 23. The famous Georges Pompidou center for art and culture in Paris will open on July 1.