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Doctors Found Excess Noise Levels On The Iss

Doctors Found Excess Noise Levels On The Iss

Russian doctors found excessive noise levels in the cabins of Russian and American modules on the International Space station and advised cosmonauts to close the cabin doors during sleep to protect their hearing.

This information is provided in the report of doctors of the Institute of biomedical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the cosmonaut training Center, published in the journal "Manned space flights."

"In the cabins of the SM RS (Zvezda service module of the Russian segment of the ISS - ed.), sound levels exceeded acceptable values by 1.1–4.6 decibels. Compared to previous measurements from March 10, 2019, the sound levels in the cabins increased by 1.8 decibels in the right cabin, and in the left cabin practically did not change," the report says.

Doctors noted that an increase in noise levels was also recorded in the cabins of the American segment of the station, located in the Harmony module.

"Due to the fact that the sound levels in the CM RS of the ISS exceeded the permissible values, the crew was recommended to use individual noise protection devices (headphones with active noise reduction), as well as to close the cabin door during sleep," the report says.

Doctors also noted that the permissible noise level in the workplace was exceeded, both in Russian and American modules.

"At workplaces in the SM RS, sound levels exceeded the permissible values by 1.0–5.1 decibels with the maximum value in the area of the air purification system "Air" and in the area of the medical Cabinet. Compared with previous measurements from March 10, 2019, sound levels at CM workplaces increased by 1.1–3.5 decibels," the report says.

The main noise on the ISS comes from working fans and equipment.