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The US And The EU Have Created A Permanent Format Of Consultations To Discuss The Chinese Threat

The US And The EU Have Created A Permanent Format Of Consultations To Discuss The Chinese Threat

The EU and the US have created a new permanent format of political consultations for high-level discussion of the threat to Western democracy from China, according to US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, speaking on Thursday at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels.

"The US has accepted the offer of the head of EU diplomacy [Josep] Borrell on creating a permanent format for political dialogue on China," he said. China is a rearing authoritarian power, in the face of which we must be extremely vigilant. We must develop a unified Atlantic response to the threat posed by China to Western democracy."

"I expect that practical work can begin within a few weeks. We will create a high-level working group. Our goal is to determine how we can protect freedom and democracy on both sides of the Atlantic from the threat of the Chinese Communist party."

Pompeo listed the main US accusations against China, including the following: China allegedly "manipulates the norms of international structures such as the world trade organization and the world health organization," the Chinese authorities allegedly hid information about the coronavirus, China allegedly undermines the autonomy of Hong Kong, "the Chinese Communist party monitors everyone," including citizens of European countries and the United States who use Chinese gadgets.

Besides, the head of American diplomacy said that China "stole hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of secrets from the hardworking people of Europe and America, violating intellectual property norms." The US Secretary of state did not consider it necessary to argue or prove any of these charges.

The German Marshall Fund is a think tank established in 1972 as part of a joint US-German initiative with headquarters in Washington. This organization is one of the key Western non-governmental and parochial structures aimed at promoting the Atlantic values and interests of the United States in Europe and the world.